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  1. Horse

    Official June 30 Members Forum - CANCELLED

    Dear Members, Due to the implementation of recent and quickly evolving Government health directives around COVID, we will have to postpone the Members Forum scheduled for next Wednesday 30 June at Canterbury League Club. While this is extremely disappointing, it is also something that is out...
  2. Horse

    News Norfolk family reunited with missing cat after 13 years

    Norfolk family reunited with missing cat after 13 years 30 April 2021 A cat that went missing 13 years ago has been found and reunited with her owner. Gemma Barbieri from Thetford, Norfolk, said she was "stunned" when she received a call saying 14-year-old Rose had been found. The pet was an...
  3. Horse

    All Smiles & Laughter post-game

    If I hadn’t watched the 80 minutes prior I would’ve thought that we’d won the game based on the players reactions in the minutes after the final whistle. Elliott looked like he’d just won the lottery. Katoa grinning like a Cheshire Cat. The rest of them looked more than happy about things also...
  4. Horse

    Opinion Sack Dan Ferris

    Is there a bigger con man in rugby league than this bloke? How’s his track record as Head of Physical Performance across a trio of NRL clubs; Manly 2015: 9th Manly 2016: 13th Manly 2017: 7th Titans 2018: 14th Titans 2019: 16th Titans 2020: 9th Bulldogs 2021: 16th He talks a big game in the...
  5. Horse

    Opinion Assessing the loss of Tolman

    Sharks fans are grinning like Cheshire cats at their Tolman acquisition. The Sharks are averaging 24pts/game without their key playmaker so the old Tolman stifling the attack chestnut doesn’t seem to hold much weight other than amongst semen soaked armchair experts. We 100% should’ve retained...
  6. Horse

    Opinion Jackson Topine - Outstanding

    Hold your head up high Jackson. Great energy and head never dropped despite being part of a horror show on debut, surrounded by blokes many years his senior playing like absolute hacks. Thrown in the deep end at hooker 5 mins in; 46 tackles 1 missed tackle 56 metres gained Never stopped trying...
  7. Horse


    With immediate effect. He had far less to work with and yet we looked far better than Barrett’s rabble. Let’s throw him a bone and let him continue with what he was building. The job Pay was doing doesn’t look too bad anymore does it you pack of flogs.
  8. Horse

    Flanagan to Mounties

    Bloke is a myth. My grandmother would’ve looked good amongst that Roosters team. He’s basically Lewis with inferior defence and kicking so let’s bring back LL and punt Flanno to the park ranks where he belongs.
  9. Horse

    Rd 2 Dogs vs Panthers 3-2-1

    3. Jackson - had a dig. 64 tackles, didn’t miss any 2. Waddell - had a dig. 40 tackles, and topped the yardage with 100m 1. JMK - gets the point purely due to the fact that him entering the field meant that Katoa got the hell off.
  10. Horse

    Cream Puff Middle Forwards

    Ogden - 56 metres gained, 3 missed tackles Hetherington - 55 metres gained, 7 missed tackles To’omaga - 56 metres gained, 0 missed tackles Napa - 37 metres gained, 4 missed tackles I’ve never seen a worse crop of middles than what we’ve currently got. In dire need of an enforcer/metre eater...
  11. Horse

    Official Members Update from the Chair & CEO

    There is no denying that season 2020 has been a tough one for the Bulldogs family. While results over the past few games have not gone our way, there can be no denying the team is putting in, with several of them resulting in close losses after we were unable to finish the games off. We know...
  12. Horse

    Official Bulldogs join forces with Mounties for the next 2 seasons

    To view this email as a web page, go here. We are excited to today announce that we will be joining forces with Mounties Group for the next two seasons and in doing so will create an enhanced pathway that will provide great opportunities for boys and girls all...
  13. Horse

    Elliot video circulating

    The Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs would like to confirm that they are aware of a video having surfaced involving Adam Elliott. The video relates to something that was filmed at a private gathering five years ago. The club has informed the NRL Integrity Unit of the matter.
  14. Horse

    Official Call for Calm re: Wakeham Part 2 (2020 Edition)

    Rather than smugly bumping the old thread and embarrassing 95% of this forum, I’ll simply start this one and await the apologies to fly in. I’ll reiterate my points from last year. His kicking game is extremely substandard, his defence is suss, and international performances against PNG and...
  15. Horse

    Opinion Effort & Attitude is Outstanding

    Give Deano that contract extension. The attitude of this group is unquestionably positive and they’re playing for the coach. We were punished on the back of stupidity tonight, and didn’t exactly have the rub of the green. Yet the effort never waivered. Everyone’s ripping in, everyone’s...
  16. Horse

    Official An update from Andrew Hill

    We thought it important to give you an update on where we currently stand regarding decisions made around the COVID-19 virus and to let you know what will be taking place in the near future. As we have seen over the past few days this is an ever-changing situation that we are adapting to on a...
  17. Horse

    News Pleasing performance but plenty to work on: Pay

    Pleasing performance but plenty to work on: Pay Author Chris KennedyNRL.com Reporter Timestamp Sat 29 Feb 2020, 07:39 PM Bulldogs coach Dean Pay says there were plenty of parts of his side's final trial game that pleased him but cautioned there was still plenty of work to do just 12 days out...
  18. Horse

    Official A Personal Request from Lynne Anderson

    To view this email as a web page, go here. Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for placing your trust in myself and the other elected board members to drive the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs forward to our next premiership. We don’t take the responsibility that is...
  19. Horse

    News Foran replacement grabs Bulldogs chance

    FEBRUARY 15 2020 - 9:00AM Foran replacement grabs Bulldogs chance National Sport A horror streak of bad luck has struck down Canterbury five-eighth Kieran Foran for the start of the 2020 NRL season, but the man expected to replace him has a golden opportunity. Bulldogs half Jack Cogger is...
  20. Horse

    Official 9’s Game Thread

    Rip in boys.
  21. Horse

    Horse Racing & General Punting Superthread

    Get your best bets in boys. Always tricky finding plenty of winners in the wet so will be steering away from Sydney & Brisbane for the most part today. Today I’m keen on; Caulfield R1 #4 King of Leogrance @ $6.00 Caulfield R5 #1 Microphone @ $3.40 Te Rapa R7 #8 Luvaluva @ $3.60 Warwick Farm...
  22. Horse

    Married at First Sight Discussion Thread

    I know all you ***** are watching it so let’s discuss it. Poppy seems insufferable so the big fella should do an early runner m imo. The bogan truckie and the Kiwi girl might have some chemistry for obvious reasons. Looks like there’s a tranny involved for tomorrow nights episode so that...
  23. Horse

    Opinion Retention Talk: 2018-2020 Losses

    Evening Kennel, We've had a look at the players we've added to the squad recently. Let's run the microscope over those who we have released and see if the club has got it right. The current Board are now into their 2nd off season, and since taking over in 2018, have presided over 21 Top 30...
  24. Horse

    News Penrith Panthers star Tyrone May pleads guilty to charges relating to sex tape scandal

    Penrith Panthers NRL player Tyrone May has formally admitted recording four sex tapes without the consent of the women in them – including two shot during a group sex session which involved a teammate. With coach Ivan Cleary watching from the public gallery, the 23-year-old sat in Parramatta...
  25. Horse

    Official Issac Luke signs with St George-Illawarra

    1 year deal Apologies if already posted.
  26. Horse

    Pursuit of the opposite gender: How to keep things fresh and interesting

    Kennel, Interested to hear methods and plans (games if you will), that members of this forum would hatch in order to add spice and thrill to the chase. Any single (or formerly single) bloke with even mid-level proficiency on the circuit will tell you that shit gets boring after dragging a...
  27. Horse

    Opinion Rotund Women in Customer Service - Should BF% be a Recruitment metric?

    Kennel, Long story short I’ve noticed for a while that whenever I receive the lowest standard of customer service, it’s almost always from a female with broad physical dimensions. Conversely, whenever it’s a thinner, usually prettier girl doing the job - I’m almost always greeted with a smile...
  28. Horse

    Where’s NatBoy?

    Unsighted for a week. His contributions have been sorely missed
  29. Horse

    Opinion Call for Calm re: Wakeham (Caution: unpopular opinion)

    Alright boys, Time to address something that has been bubbling along here for a while and needs to be settled. I speak of the Wakeham-hype. I’ve seen it time and time again on here where a player of Polynesian/Islander descent displays a bit of fancy footwork in the lower grades or against...
  30. Horse

    Opinion 2019 Recruitment Review & Ratings

    Don't think this has been done so lets run the microscope over the recruits over the past 12 months. GAINS Corey Harawira-Naera: 8/10 Ran great lines and plays with plenty of energy. Defence is on the improve and looks to be a staple on our edge for years to come. Acquired at the right price...
  31. Horse

    News Lynne Anderson receives the prestigious Women’s Health Award for Person of Sporting Influence

    Bulldogs Chair, Lynne Anderson, has received one of the most prestigious awards in Australian sport after being presented with the Women’s Health Award for Person of Sporting Influence at a ceremony in Alexandria, Sydney last night. The award is given to a person who has shown exceptional...
  32. Horse

    News The 2019 Kennel Awards

    Alright boys, Since it’s almost seasons end it’s time to prepare to honour the notable contributors to this forum. The Kennel Awards are an old tradition of the forum which I’d like to re-introduce this year. I will be taking nominations for each category across the coming week...
  33. Horse

    Opinion It’s time to Unite boys

    PAY BASHERS, Meaney bashers, Tolman bashers, Elliott bashers, Holland bashers, JMK bashers, Lewis bashers, Board bashers. Etc etc. You know who you are. And the time has come for you all to zip up, withdraw your e-pitchforks and jump on the wagon. THE DOGS OF WAR ARE BACK. I am formally...
  34. Horse

    Opinion Hoppa & Holland

    Quick little shout out to our 2 centres who don’t get a great deal of recognition, but have been very solid over the past month or so. Oppositions have been throwing a fair bit of attack their way and had little to no joy. They’ve kept guys like Mitchell, Marsters, Roberts etc very quiet and...
  35. Horse

    Great win. Champagne o’clock.

    Credit to the boys. Tough win against a Top 8 team. Credit to the coach. Half time rev up worked an absolute treat. More improvement shown from the younger crop. Cogger, Meaney, JMK etc. The cream is rising to the top. Greener pastures ahead. Trust the process. #PayIn #LongLiveTheAndersons
  36. Horse


    STEVE PRICE TO BECOME BULLDOGS' NEW GENERAL MANAGER OF FOOTBALL The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have continued the commitment to excellence within their Football Department by appointing former club legend Steve Price as their new General Manager of Football. Price played 222 matches for the...
  37. Horse

    Where's Twin Turbo

    Anyone know him? Rumoured to be one of the elder statesman of this forum, I hope he's still fit and firing.
  38. Horse

    Opinion What a win. Crack open the champagne

    That was as gutsy of a performance as I’ve seen in a very long time, for any team. Every member of that 17, take a bow. Goal line defence exceptional. Mental and physical toughness absolutely phenomenal. Was good to see some real silk inside the attacking 20 as well. The limited...
  39. Horse

    News Tolman to join exclusive group

    Tolman to join exclusive group of men bulldogs.com.au Mon 29 Jul 2019, 04:53 PM Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs prop Aiden Tolman will this weekend join an exclusive group of men who have played 200 or more first grade games for the Bulldogs. Since 1935, there have been only 11 players, from...
  40. Horse

    Opinion The To’omaga Jizz Train

    Just about de-railed surely. Looks a few yards off the pace and has a questionable engine for the pace of First Grade football. First touch he slipped a silly offload around JMK’s ankle for an error. Thereafter barely bent the line in contributing 5 hit ups for a return of 36 metres...
  41. Horse

    News Rd 18 Post-Game Press Conference

  42. Horse

    Opinion SOS TOLMAN

    May your ribs heal swift and strong. The middle is lost without you Aiden. Ogden and Fualalo are a pair of absolute cream puffs. Bullied by a pack of 20 year olds from start to finish.
  43. Horse

    News MPA Injury Report Round 18

    Jesse Sue - ACL (Season) Aiden Tolman - Bruised Ribs (1 week, Returns Rd 19) Kieran Foran - Hamstring (Possible return this week Rd 18) Lachie Lewis - Ankle (Will return via Canterbury Cup next week, CC have a Bye this week)...
  44. Horse

    Opinion What a fantastic win.

    This group deserves a lot more credit than what I’ve read post-game tonight. Here’s why: - We just beat a good top 8 side, comprising of an array of quality, experienced individuals. And we beat them at their home base. - We effectively played with 15 men. Tolman lasted 17 minutes, Sue just...
  45. Horse

    Official Bulldogs release Rhyse Martin to Super League

    BULLDOGS RELEASE RHYSE MARTIN TO TAKE UP SUPER LEAGUE OFFER The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have agreed to release back-rower Rhyse Martin to take up an offer to play in Super League. Martin was offered a contract extension by the Bulldogs, but declined and has asked for an immediate release...
  46. Horse

    News Napa revs up for 25-minute Origin audition at Belmore

    Dylan Napa will launch a 25-minute opening onslaught against Jesse Bromwich and the Storm pack at Belmore on Sunday to prove to Maroons coach Kevin Walters that he should be in the 17 for Origin I. Disappointed with the way he has started games since making his return from an ankle injury, Napa...
  47. Horse

    Official Bulldogs local junior Jayden Okunbor signs for further two years

    JAYDEN OKUNBOR SIGNS FOR A FURTHER TWO YEARS WITH THE BULLDOGS The Bulldogs have moved quickly to lock up the services of Jayden Okunbor by extending the contract of the big winger by a further two years, keeping him at Belmore until the end of the 2021 season. Okunbor, who is a local junior...
  48. Horse

    Official Bulldogs to form partnership with Greater Northern Region

    GREATER Northern Tigers are on the rugby league radar of the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. While the Newcastle Knights once used the region as a "breeding ground" and the Wests Tigers more recently with their efforts to play one of their NRL games in Tamworth each season the Bulldogs are also...
  49. Horse

    Official Dean Pay extends his contract with the Bulldogs by another 12 months.

    The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have extended the contract of Head Coach Dean Pay by a further 12 months taking him through until the end of the 2020 season. Bulldogs Chief Executive Andrew Hill saw the extension of Pay's contract as an important part of the club's plan moving forward : "The...
  50. Horse

    Rd 1 v Warriors 3-2-1

    This was tough. 3. Hopoate 2. Tolman 1. Sue
  51. Horse


    MESSAGE FROM ANDREW HILL Dear Members, It was fantastic to see so many of you at Sunday’s AGM at the Canterbury League Club. It shows the dedication and passion of the supporters of our club when over 350 people turn up at the AGM, and it was fantastic to be able to give everyone an update...
  52. Horse


    Dear Members, As we move closer to the start of the 2019 season I thought it was an opportune time to keep you updated on club issues and share with you some of the changes that have taken place at the Bulldogs that we believe will be of enormous benefit as we look to return to being the...
  53. Horse

    Former Bulldog Adam Keighran set to become Warriors #7

    The Warriors are poised to take a massive gamble by replacing superstar Shaun Johnson with a youngster who has yet to play an NRL game in 2019. Unknown Panthers recruit Adam Keighran, 21, is believed to have won the race to wear the number seven jumper for the start of the new season. The...
  54. Horse

    Round 22: Dogs vs Sea Eagles 3-2-1

    A few players had a dig out there tonight and are worth commending. 3. Klemmer 2. Hoppa 1. Elliott Notable mentions: Reimis and Tolman
  55. Horse

    The Aiden Tolman Appreciation Thread

    Never gets the wraps he deserves around here after good performances. IMO he's been superb for us in recent weeks since returning from injury and into the starting side. Round 20 17 Hit ups 159 Metres 42 Tackles 0 Missed Tackles Round 19 13 Hit ups 150 Metres 37 Tackles 1 Missed Tackle Round...
  56. Horse

    Pay stands by his young halves despite Bulldogs' lack of bite

    Author Dan Walsh Thu 19 Jul 2018, 11:33 Bulldogs coach Dean Pay has vowed to stick by young halves Lachlan Lewis and Jeremy Marshall-King after a listless attacking display against Parramatta dropped his side deep into a battle to dodge the wooden spoon. Canterbury made all the running...
  57. Horse

    Bulldogs can't bring in stars for three years: CEO

    Margie McDonald & Michael Chammas Timestamp Thu 17 May 2018, 06:01 PM Share on social media Share via Facebook Share via Twiiter Share via Reddit Share via Email Canterbury will only be salary cap compliant next year if they fill their five remaining positions with players on the minimum...
  58. Horse

    Bulldogs Media dept.

    Anyone else sick of the rubbish these speds throw up on Facebook in the midst of all these embarrassing club lows? #proudtobeabulldog spat at us after every disgracefully uninspiring performance. Now apparently tonight was a 'gutsy display'. I find it insulting how out of touch this club is at...
  59. Horse

    Boycott next Monday's game

    Enough is enough fellas, lets make a statement. I urge everyone here to boycott next Monday's game at ANZ. The slop our team serves up every week is beyond a joke and certainly isn't worth the price of admission. If you're serious about change, a mass boycott is the most effective way of being...
  60. Horse

    What you think other members look like.

    Does anyone else have an impression in their head of what other members of the forum look like? Based upon their online demeanor. Share your pics of what we think one another look like. I'll get the ball rolling... Mr Invisible: bulldogs_fan:
  61. Horse

    Administrator Appointment

    So The Kennel is currently in meltdown with the emergence of this shrewd brigade of foreign hackers, putting us all at risk. The Mods Lounge has been very active in seeking ways to combat future attacks. However as Mr.I stated earlier, the current numerical presence of Admins (who have the...
  62. Horse

    ATTN: LebaneseBulldog

    Why you so mad? & why you have no life?
  63. Horse

    Josh Reynolds Appreciation Thread

    Thank you Josh for again turning up today and showing plenty of pride in the jumper. It's a crying shame that the rest of the squad don't share the same levels of energy and passion as Josh.
  64. Horse

    Bulldogs Army Footage

    Just stumbled across this amongst a few other videos of the Bulldogs Army from a couple of years ago. Embarrassing stuff. Is this mob still presenting themselves as a pack of retards nowadays? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbiSPzsF26M
  65. Horse

    The Ashes Discussion Thread

  66. Horse


    Brilliant app. Post your snapchats here, preferably ladies.
  67. Horse

    QLD Team Origin 2

    DCE & Papalii join the bench. Shillington & Harrison axed. Parker to lock. McQueen promoted to start in the 2nd row. Myles to prop. Martin Kennedy 18th man. Billy Slater Melbourne Storm Darius Boyd Newcastle Knights Greg Inglis South Sydney...
  68. Horse

    Happy Birthday ~doggie~diva~

    I never noticed her, but she's made a fuckload of posts. Happy Birthday nonetheless :)
  69. Horse

    Blake Ferguson sexual assault *CONFIRMED*

    Strong word coming out that Fergo is in the shit for a sexual assault incident in Cronulla last night. Dugan was also present. Watch this space.. Hope its true, Fergusons a ****
  70. Horse

    Happy Birthday drummer_boy05

    For memory, was one of the few Lebs on here who's input contained a bit of substance. Happy Birthday mate.
  71. Horse

    Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt Tour

    Touring June. Who's going?
  72. Horse

    Mr I you need to do some merging

    PS Reynolds is in.
  73. Horse

    Happy Birthday boggie23

    Happy Birthday to one of the veterans of The Kennel. Have a good one champion.
  74. Horse

    Happy Birthday threads

    Used to promote a positive kennel environment and enhanced forum spirit, which is sadly lacking nowadays. jimmy_the_greek no longer does the job so I have taken it upon myself to assume the mantle. I'm all for democracy so lets put it to a poll, would you like to see the return of the...
  75. Horse

    Childish Gambino

    Who digs? Reply with lyrics.
  76. Horse

    Josh Jackson to be selected for Country Origin

    Josh will today be named in the back row for Country. Bit of good news after a rough few days... T-Rex, Morris, Tolman, Ennis & Reynolds will also play.
  77. Horse

    Nathan Massey

    Noticed he was named on the bench in NSW Cup. Thought he was a Raider?
  78. Horse

    Big Bash Fantasy

    Sup fellas Big bash is upon us, get your fantasy team in. I've created a league Code is: 6581-2309 Get amongst it.
  79. Horse

    ATTN: Admin

    Unban magic arrow Banning ozman from threads is not an abuse of kennel cash imo
  80. Horse

    Greg Inglis signs RL's richest deal

    SOUTH Sydney superstar Greg Inglis has signed a five-year deal which will keep him at the NRL club until the end of 2017. The new deal likely to be worth in excess of $4 million, means the 25-year-old Inglis has catapulted to the top of rugby league’s rich list. “I couldn’t be happier to...
  81. Horse

    Soundwave 2013

    Promises to produce another stellar line up which will be announced within the next week or 2. Blink 182 have so far confirmed they will be playing!
  82. Horse

    Nathan Smith

    Apparently made his NRL debut with Parra today. Former skipper of our 20's team and won a few NSW cup flags during his time with dogs. Anyone see how he went? From what I saw of him in the lower grades he was a pretty average player...
  83. Horse

    Slater ruled OUT of Origin III

    GI to fullback, Nielsen to centre. Bowen travelled with the Cowboys to NZ. Taylor out. Teo in. XXXX Maroons Game 3 team 1. GREG INGLIS (South Sydney Rabbitohs) 2. DARIUS BOYD (Newcastle Knights) 3. DANE NIELSEN (Melbourne Storm) 4. JUSTIN HODGES (Brisbane Broncos) 5. BRENT TATE (North...
  84. Horse

    Ash Harrison ruled out of Origin 3

    Ashley Harrison has been ruled out of next week's State of Origin game three with a broken toe. The Maroons lock had scans today but the Titans just confirmed he won’t be considered for the decider at Suncorp Stadium. Corey Parker will take his place at the back of the scrum for Queensland...
  85. Horse

    Unwitnessed Foreign Encounters

    So my (virgin 20yr old) mate just returned from a 3month exchange trip to Europe recently and had a story or 2 to tell. Now this dude is a filthy ranga with no 'lady skills', and he is someone whom I have never seen land (or even hook up) with a girl in the 5 or so years that I've known him...
  86. Horse

    Anzac Test Teams?

    Predictions?? AUS 1. Billy Slater 2. Jarrad Hayne 3. Greg Inglis 4. Justin Hodges 5. Aku Uate 6. Jonathan Thurston 7. Cooper Cronk 8. Keith Galloway 9. Cameron Smith 10. Ben Hannant 11. Sam Thaiday 12. Luke Lewis 13. Paul Gallen 14. David Shillington 15. Nate Myles/Dave Taylor 16. Anthony...
  87. Horse

    NSW Cup on Fox

    Being televised in 30 mins (4.30pm) Canterbury vs Newtown
  88. Horse

    NSW Cup Team Rd10

    Nsw cup team 1 trent cutler 2 heka nanai 3 daniel rauicava 4 junior tia-kilifi 5 travis roche 6 ben roberts 7 joel romelo 8 martin taupau 9 josh reynolds 10 sam kasiano 11 conrad taakimoeaka 12 gary warburton 13 chris armit 14 brad morrin 15 rhys jack 16 steve azzi 19 harlan...
  89. Horse

    IPL Season 4 Thread

  90. Horse

    A single bullet to the head.

    Who deserves one more. Hazem el magic OR Fovos
  91. Horse

    Cricket: West Indies & Pakistan in Australia Discussion Thread

    Australia team named: Simon Katich, Shane Watson, Ricky Ponting (capt), Michael Hussey, Michael Clarke, Marcus North, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Nathan Hauritz, Peter Siddle, Ben Hilfenhaus, Doug Bollinger. Stuart Clark the most notable omission. Meanwhile QLD are 3/314 after...
  92. Horse

    Australia vs NZ. Teams named

  93. Horse

    NSW Cup Grand Final Preview/Discussion Thread

    NSW Cup Grand Final 4/10/2009 Bankstown City Bulls vs Balmain-Ryde Tigers ANZ Stadium 12:10PM Bulls 1. Brent Crisp 2. Heka Nanai 3. Tim...
  94. Horse

    Dream Panel.

    If a new sports program was to hit the air, who would you most like to see on the panel. 4-5 people max. They'd generally have backgrounds in the more major Australian sports (the footy codes, cricket etc). I'd go with; Shane Warne Daryl Brohman Sam Newman Phil Gould Entertaining and...
  95. Horse

    Harden Up

    Not sure if it's been posted yet? But here's Tommy Raudonikis' new single. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYJn7wBS_Go Enjoy.
  96. Horse

    Nightingale to play prop!

    Meet the NRL's lightest prop forward Jason Nightingale had plenty to think about as his head hit the pillow last Friday night. In fact, it’s debatable whether he would have slept at all as he struggled to comprehend the identity crisis that has descended upon him. After his Dragons beat...
  97. Horse

    Sharks sack Brett Seymour

    Sharks sack Brett Seymour over alcohol breaches The Cronulla Sharks have sacked halfback Brett Seymour, terminating his contract after the latest in a string of alcohol-related incidents. The announcement comes after Seymour was believed to have been asked to leave a premises while...