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  1. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Blake Ferguson

    He sounds a like a good fit then..
  2. _G-Dog_

    NRL considering changing kick-off rules in an attempt to stop blowouts

    Im sure the game now appeals to some groups like kids (and girls i know that go yo games with us prefer it with more tries and less grind).. much like t20 cricket.. but most guys and older men i know that have followed the game their whole life arent a fan of how it is now.. so it depends who...
  3. _G-Dog_

    Jayden Okunbor fighting for career

    24years old.. not a spring chicken and yet to cement FG for all the issues that have come up in his career so far.. Addo Car is 25years in comparison and achieved everything as a winger.. Just saying hes behind the 8 ball..
  4. _G-Dog_

    Official June 30 Members Forum - CANCELLED

    Will government restrictions mean our rebuild will be delayed also..
  5. _G-Dog_

    NRL considering changing kick-off rules in an attempt to stop blowouts

    Why did they meddle with the rules so much to begin with.. now trying to fix the mess they started.. bunch of incompetent clowns imo..
  6. _G-Dog_

    Ask a bulldogs old timer....

    The moment Pollamounter thought he kicked the 50metre goal..
  7. _G-Dog_

    Ask a bulldogs old timer....

    You cant bring up te 90s without mentioning Mark Brokenshire..
  8. _G-Dog_

    Rugby League is a cruel game

  9. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    You will need to transalate the Abu Kirrish part for the non arabics here like me..
  10. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    Isnt it DJ Khaled Abu Abla Kirrish..
  11. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    As long as hes in better condition than DJ Khaled..
  12. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Bailey Biondi-Odo ??

    At least there is an 'I' in his middle name..
  13. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Corey Waddell - what an impact he has given us today

    Another astute signing by Bulldogs Pty Ltd..
  14. _G-Dog_

    If our club had to chose between TPJ and SJ for the same money who would you chose.

    SJ we need a good attacking halfback.. goalkicker etc.. Ideally we would take both..
  15. _G-Dog_

    News Pangai permission to explore

    Roosters Politis 100%
  16. _G-Dog_


    Id replace Meaney and DWZ with Maumalo.. most of our wingers are plodders..
  17. _G-Dog_

    Boxing The Boxing Thread

    Im confident Gal will win tonight.. pay your mortgage off..
  18. _G-Dog_


    Maumolo would have been a handy pickup as a winger as a swap..
  19. _G-Dog_


    Swap DWZ for Walsh.. Good deal that..
  20. _G-Dog_

    Media Vs Hetherington

    Think of the ghost of the hippo..
  21. _G-Dog_

    Media Vs Hetherington

    Poor Hippo..
  22. _G-Dog_

    Media Vs Hetherington

    Too show the bias of Crawley in the same segment he defends Victor Radley as a larakin & good bloke after he got thrown off a plane on the weekend .. yet he rips into Hetherington when he was actually hit high..
  23. _G-Dog_

    Media Vs Hetherington

    Different commentators on TV Radio & print Media has been ripping into Hetherington for staying down during Dragons game to get a penalty.. Every team and many players have been doing it.. But of course the media are ripping into Hetherington And now Paul Crawley the Rooster$ ass licker just...
  24. _G-Dog_

    Shaun Johnson consolidated thread

    Funny we have dud halves.. yet some our fans say we shouldnt sign Johnson.. meanwhile teams like Souths & Raiders want to sign him..
  25. _G-Dog_

    Shaun Johnson consolidated thread

    If we miss out on Sean Johnson will be a stuff up.. who knows when another good NRL level half will become available.. Hard to get the best half when you want it.. as long as hes an improvement on what we have which he is in a big way.. we need to try and get him.. Experienced YES Good Attack...
  26. _G-Dog_

    5 F$&@ING YEARS !!!!!!

    Can easily become 10 years if we dont get it right..
  27. _G-Dog_

    News Bulldogs eye huge DWZ-Leilua swap

    Surely a gee up..
  28. _G-Dog_

    Why did we let go of Curtis Rona?

    Another dud decision.. a great winger very underrated imo..
  29. _G-Dog_

    News Hansen’s belated Belmore bow

    Team.bonding with sheep shagging..
  30. _G-Dog_

    Bold predictions for this season

    My bold prediction is TBaz will start balding during his time at the Bulldogs..
  31. _G-Dog_

    Avo or Cheese

    All we need is the Bacon..
  32. _G-Dog_

    Nicho Hynes

    With Hynes to Sharks it mustnt be at Fullback?.. as Will Kennedy is doing well there..
  33. _G-Dog_

    News Rugby league legend Steve Mortimer reveals he is battling dementia

    Thats a shame if true.. Someones health & wellbeing should have nothing to do with infighting.. especially for a club legend like Turvey whos dedicated so much time & energy to the club..
  34. _G-Dog_

    News Rugby league legend Steve Mortimer reveals he is battling dementia

    Very sad indeed.. Hope the club is offering help for him & his family..
  35. _G-Dog_

    The bye

    Our luck we play the Panthers one week early..
  36. _G-Dog_

    Serie A Italy Thread

    Surely there needs to be a thread on here dedicated to the beautiful game in Italy..
  37. _G-Dog_

    What to expect next season

    According to the kernellers .. 1. Dufty 6. Burton 7. Johnson 9. Smith
  38. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Penalty Try or Sin bin

    I blame Vlandys..
  39. _G-Dog_

    His many Bulldogs Stars will we lose to Origin?

    Well we have at least 1 future star in Foxx selected..
  40. _G-Dog_


    Manly is doing well because of Tommy Turbo .. first month of the year they looked rubbish & had Foz & DCE playing..
  41. _G-Dog_

    Trent Barrett - Mega thread

    These players are incapable of doing much more than what they did today..
  42. _G-Dog_

    Brandy you &$@!&$!!

    Go easy on him.. Brandy has had 1 too many headknocks..
  43. _G-Dog_

    Bulldogs freeze on contract upgrades

    The majority can go.. only a few keepers in our current squad..
  44. _G-Dog_

    Willis Meehan Signed with bulldogs from 2022

    need more experienced & established forwards.. Willis is a Punt signing on minimum wage.. no one knows how it will go..
  45. _G-Dog_

    News Jack De Bellend Megathread

    Who pays for De Bellins legals.. they say its about 1mill..
  46. _G-Dog_

    Opinion SIGN Bunty and Kane this season and send Napa and Katoa there please

    Kane Evans is a dud.. belongs in England with his mate Napa
  47. _G-Dog_

    Whatsapp Advice - Offline

    Unfortunately that doesnt work.. it does hide ' last seen ' but not online..
  48. _G-Dog_

    Whatsapp Advice - Offline

    Is there anyway of being Online on whatsapp withoit Online being visible?.. Ive tried tge basic security settung like last seen etc but I still appear online when I am.. Gets annoying when people start calling & messaging knowing your online.. I want to appear to be Offline even.when im...
  49. _G-Dog_

    How much cap do we have left for 2022 ?

    We better have a 5hitload of cap space with a squad full of plodders..
  50. _G-Dog_

    Nick Meaney

    Not having a go at Meaney he tries his best.. but whenever i see him i think of Atom Ant..
  51. _G-Dog_

    Blake Green retires immediately

    Not having a go at him i thought he was a handy player.. but with these new rules i thought he would struggle with the speed.. PS lucky he backed out of signing with us..
  52. _G-Dog_

    Big, fast players

    We prefer our wingers in the mould of Atom Ant..
  53. _G-Dog_

    Flanagan learning the game

    Hes working from home refining his game on Xbox....
  54. _G-Dog_

    Sione Katoa Out Suspended This Week

    With Katoa out our chances of scoring has gone up..
  55. _G-Dog_

    Media Nonsense re Burton

    I didnt hear the media whinge when the next big thing Ponga signed with the wooden spoon Knights.. This is complete & utter drivel from George Clarke for Fox Sports.. BURTON SHINES AT HOME Just how much must Burton be regretting signing for Canterbury? After all the wrangling over whether...
  56. _G-Dog_


    Another great game today.. absolute gun..
  57. _G-Dog_

    NRL Release Stats That Blow Player Fatigue Argument Out Of The Water

    Complete BS.. game.is faster.. less breaks.. less ways of slowing it down.. has led to a more attack orientated so the better attacking teams liek the Rorter$ & Storm were advantaged overnight.. funny Robinson had a say in the rule chanhes..
  58. _G-Dog_

    We need to get a piece of this action IMMEDIATELY

    Sign him up.. big improvement on what we have at the moment..
  59. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Lodge or Klemmer

    Taupau Klemmer Lodge .. 3 props that are better than what we have.. no excuses not to sign one of them up.. Our squad needs improving all over back halves forwards.. need to sign decent players when theyre available..
  60. _G-Dog_

    Off-contract Storm forward Dale Finucane meets with two rivals

    Yes to Taupau.. hes a big improvement on what we have at moment.. Apart from maybe Thompson all our current props belong on the bench at best..
  61. _G-Dog_

    Off-contract Storm forward Dale Finucane meets with two rivals

    Finucane a solid player.. i just dont think hes priority type of forward.. we need line breaking hard running edge forwards as well as experienced props.. more than another hard working lock/backrower as we have Jacko that can do that role..
  62. _G-Dog_

    Jamil Hopoate arrest

    They did the same thing when Willie Masons bro got arrested.. even though Mason played for the Rorter$ Cowboys Knights & Manly after us..
  63. _G-Dog_

    Jamil Hopoate arrest

    Very Poor form from Channel 9.. but standard behaviour by them against us... and they will continue doing it until our club does somthing about it..
  64. _G-Dog_

    2012 vs 2021

    Cant mention 2012 without Barba..
  65. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Big Josh Kerr

    Big body..
  66. _G-Dog_

    Hetho back this weekend..

    Perfect timing of these new stricter rules on head highs just when hes coming back..
  67. _G-Dog_

    Players at Fault not Coach

    The 30 man squad is mainly rubbish.. there is no one else in the 30 that will change the result.. But inexpereince aside the players out there yesterday were clueless how to make the most of the man advantage..
  68. _G-Dog_

    The NRL should be renamed...

    Terrible version of rugby league at moment.. its just all attack & points and speed.. the contest & reward for strong defence & bog hits are minimal.. The game has skewed far too much towards attack imo..
  69. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Are we being naive to think we will improve next year?

    The whole team needs wholesale changes.. out spine & foward pack is still weak which means we will struggle..
  70. _G-Dog_

    Avo at 1?

    Prefer avo on toast with eggs..
  71. _G-Dog_

    Players at Fault not Coach

    The game & loss yesterday shows its the players that are our biggest problem and not the coach.. Opposition team is down by 2 players and our spine players & others still didnt know how to take advantage of it.. At NRL level players should be able to take advantage of the situation..
  72. _G-Dog_

    Will the new 6 again rule last?

    Non Rugby League people running the game..
  73. _G-Dog_

    Will the new 6 again rule last?

    Now All these Sin bins for what is penalty sufficient & reportable usually has become a joke..
  74. _G-Dog_

    2021 Bulldogs. Is this thr worst team we have ever had?

    Yeah I cant see us winning 5 ganes this year.. But on paper still think 2008 team was worse.. The new rules speeding the game up with more emphasis on attack works against the bottom teams with poor attack like us..
  75. _G-Dog_

    2021 Bulldogs. Is this thr worst team we have ever had?

    On paper i rekon the 2008 Spoon team was worse with the likes of Joe Williams, Youngquest, Tsulous, Danny Williams, Morrin, Winitana & Nanai etc..
  76. _G-Dog_

    News Cortical sad to see raiders in free fall

    He needs to start playing like Nick and not like a Nikki..
  77. _G-Dog_


    Gambles worth the lunt wont be big $$.. Why not Johnson though..
  78. _G-Dog_

    Opinion Sione Katoa

    No joke Lichaa was actually a very good defender.. Katoa easily the worst hooker ive seen play over 50 NRL games..
  79. _G-Dog_

    News Tyson Gamble

    No joke he goes ok.. I do see the potential in him.. worth the punt he wont be on big dollars..
  80. _G-Dog_

    News EXCLUSIVE: How Bulldogs erred in Kyle Flanagan's first setback after Roosters axing

    Another love story between the Rorter$ in the media..
  81. _G-Dog_

    Kyle Flanagan ignored a club directive in fronting emotional press conference

    Well done Flanno.. was prepared to own his 5hit..
  82. _G-Dog_

    Jazz Tevaga

    Better than what we have so its welcome..
  83. _G-Dog_

    News ‘All the bulls**t you get about welfare’: Kent blasts Dogs for ’dropping the ball’ on Flanagan

    Personally i think club did stuff up by putting Flanagan to face media.. Hes under pressure and out of form.. Just put DWZ or Hopoate or Jackson as our media guys..
  84. _G-Dog_


    All NRL players are fair game to have their rugby league performances scrutinised imo.. Thats the whole point of online forums.. Players are praised when they do well & so should be able to cop criticism when they stuff up..
  85. _G-Dog_

    Sam walker

    Lol 1 word... Politi$$$$$$$$
  86. _G-Dog_

    Salary cap wastage/desperation

    The plodder brigade..
  87. _G-Dog_

    News Peter Sterling says Canterbury Bulldogs halfback Kyle Flanagan's career is at a crossroads after being hooked

    I did watch their last game last year.. just to make sure they got the SPOON..
  88. _G-Dog_

    News Peter Sterling says Canterbury Bulldogs halfback Kyle Flanagan's career is at a crossroads after being hooked

    The kick out on full on tackle one.. when we were in their red zone .. was one of the worst plays ive seen from an NRL halfback.. Bad execution aside it was completely the wrong play..
  89. _G-Dog_

    News Bulldogs face ‘big’ call on star recruit — but 86-year low proves problem goes much deeper

    Dud hooker & dud 5/8 .. no go forward.. problems everywhere
  90. _G-Dog_

    Why Not Johnson

    We need a halfback.. cant pin our hopes on Flanagan.. SJ would be a great pickup to partner Burton .. Would be our best halves pairing in ages..
  91. _G-Dog_

    Re-signing Adam Elliott

    Is the OP Elliots manager?..
  92. _G-Dog_

    Flanagan isnt the problem

    The dud attack can be blamed on Katoa Flanagan & Averillo.. all 3 of them are lucky to be in FG.. They had enough pill in the red zone to setup somthing but did nothing.. We scored off a strip & intercept..