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  1. Sword

    Bulldogs podcasts (and audio media snippets)

    I’m noticing more and more of these now. Thought I’d share some good episodes https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/rugby-league-guru-podcast/id1499255585#episodeGuid=075fea78-5f38-46fb-aeb6-c5f131644cf0 Promising no. 9 on the way from our juniors.
  2. Sword

    A new dawn

    https://www.bulldogs.com.au/news/2020/12/23/jackson-reflects-on-pre-season-so-far/ A different approach from staff who know what they’re doing, good signs!
  3. Sword

    Opinion Mbye Jinx

    Mbye has the eye of the tiger on top 4 https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/02/12/mbye-has-the-eye-of-the-tiger-on-top-4/ Captain’s Material
  4. Sword

    Who do we want to win the comp?

    Now that Mad Monday has arrived, who are you supporting? I for mine would hate for the Rorters to do that lap of honour. No love for Saints, Storm, Broncos and shonky Sharks. This leaves Gus’ Panthers - no thanks. Glory glory to South Sydney-Not What’s left? Gotta be the Warriors for their...
  5. Sword

    Dumbest roster player release decisions ever, since JT

    Decisions that have and will haunt us, ranked below: Ennis Graham Prichard Cook Hodkinson Tapau Mbye Reynolds
  6. Sword

    Highlight so far

    https://www.bulldogs.com.au/news/2018/032/24/jeremy-marshall--kings-brother-could-solve-pays-halves-puzzle/ Without a doubt, this has filled me full of hope. I can also see Foran thriving with our new spine as the year progresses
  7. Sword

    No more talk of Mbye coming back to the halves please

    NRL.com Stats has crunched the numbers to pin-point the area that each team must fix in 2018. For the Canterbury Bulldogs, finding space with their kicks and forcing repeat sets are areas that need fixing. Canterbury's kicking game went to the Dogs when Trent Hodkinson left the club in 2016...
  8. Sword

    Dean Pay. What would be the pass mark for 2018?

    Make the 8; Blood permanent new halfback from within to play along with Foran
  9. Sword

    This I'll miss about Des

    1. Naming his 'cut & paste ' 30 man side on a Tuesday 2. His heavy nasal breathing at post game press conferences ...take it away Kennellers
  10. Sword

    Likely Headline once Des' future decided

    "Hasler stays. We signed him for 2 years, so what's the fuss about: Dib" Cmon people, are there any creative ones amongst you for a better headline?
  11. Sword

    origin run

    CANTERBURY BULLDOGS Probables: Only injury or a major form slump will keep David Klemmer and Josh Jackson out of the NSW pack, and Brett Morris has to be a front-line contender to snare a wing berth. Possibles: Josh Morris has slipped down the Blues’ centre pecking order but is a proven Origin...