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  1. Papa Emeritus

    Wayne Bennett

    OK so on my screen all I could see was her face and I was thinking "Ah yeah she is pretty nice looking" Then I scrolled down to reply... "Ohhhh now I get you"
  2. Papa Emeritus

    News Dragons coach Paul McGregor sacked

    Seems a weird time to finally do this.
  3. Papa Emeritus

    News Trent Barrett axes Canterbury Bulldogs coaching staff

    Everyone deserves to be sacked. You don't move forward and improve without taking out the trash.
  4. Papa Emeritus


    NRL 360 said none of the rumours have any foundation at all. Be interesting to see what happens in the coming week. Dunno wtf these lawyers are gonna do.
  5. Papa Emeritus


    I have seen this posted all over the place too. It lines up with everything, like him abandoning his team for "family reasons" that could easily be because his wife is leaving him and he is trying to save it but it could also be anything else. I guess we will have to wait and see but it looks...
  6. Papa Emeritus

    Is Stevie G up to it as a first grade coach!

    Nah he is shit and will never be a real first grade coach. Doesn't matter though he is just a placeholder. This year is a write off either way.
  7. Papa Emeritus

    News Trainer sacked

    So because we are the family club we can't ever sack anyone? Give me a break. The dude is old and Barrett probably wants to bring in his own people. This guy crying like this only makes him look shit, not the club. Maybe they could have handled it better but it is hard with how things are so a...
  8. Papa Emeritus

    Skeletor leaves Snake Mountain, cops fine and possible suspension

    Wayne is being a total knob here. He was on the committee that came up with the rules so he knows them He didn't sign the register in order to leave less evidence Order take out you dickhole.
  9. Papa Emeritus

    Ko-toe-ni Staggs has shot a porno

    Curiosity is a major human trait.
  10. Papa Emeritus

    Beruit Blast

  11. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Who is your most hated NRL team and why?

    Roosters and Souths. I don't mind Parramatta, I really respect our rivalry from the 80s and my wife supports them.
  12. Papa Emeritus

    Ko-toe-ni Staggs has shot a porno

    So the chick sent it to other NRL players and they leaked it? So weird. Video is pretty boring btw, but I did laugh when he sucked her toes quite ferociously. I really hate feet, gave me the heebee jeebies.
  13. Papa Emeritus

    Beruit Blast

  14. Papa Emeritus

    News Gareth Widdop

    Corey Norman is so shit, why would they agree to that trade? Seems crazy.
  15. Papa Emeritus

    Ko-toe-ni Staggs has shot a porno

    Is it uploaded somewhere just send the link or put it on porn hub
  16. Papa Emeritus

    Ko-toe-ni Staggs has shot a porno

    Wonder who it is?
  17. Papa Emeritus

    News Foran wants future sorted soon

    Honestly it sounds like he wants too much money. I don't wanna pay overs again for someone who plays 60% of games.
  18. Papa Emeritus


    Foran was good today, maybe a bit missing at the end but we really need to be directing our hate at the really shit players like Tolman, JMK and DWZ. Absolute melons those 3.
  19. Papa Emeritus

    Quick Tap Tolman.

    Tolman has to never be re-signed ever again. I am so over him.
  20. Papa Emeritus

    Averillo Try of the year

    We should go back to not even playing him like Dean Pay did
  21. Papa Emeritus

    Bulldogs open door for SBW return 12 years after he walked out

    I would love to see him want to try to repay us. He definitely owes us.
  22. Papa Emeritus

    Account or Signup issues

    Let us know if it all works now @joedog
  23. Papa Emeritus

    Forum upgrade

    PS for any general chat about the change please post in the lounge thread, keep this just for bugs or suggestions https://www.thekennel.net.au/forum/index.php?threads/upgraded-forum.116977/
  24. Papa Emeritus

    Forum upgrade

    Hi Everyone The admins have recently installed a new version of xenforo, so if you notice any bugs or anything missing please post it here so we can investigate.
  25. Papa Emeritus

    CHN has disrespected the club

    Fuck CHN. The guy had a cry that the club didn't pet his stupid head whilst he was in exile. Newsflash, you cost us a major sponsor and put our club through the media circus yet again all over rooting a school girl. Pathetic character.
  26. Papa Emeritus

    Broncos apparently willing to pay up to 600k-700k of Milford's & Bird's contract for 2021

    Milford is a very confusing player, I reckon he is a similar boat to Mbye where neither of them seem to know what position they are supposed to be. I would prefer we steer clear of him, although if it is stupid cheap like 300k then we wouldn't have much to lose in giving him a go.
  27. Papa Emeritus

    Bulldogs 2004 Jersey

  28. Papa Emeritus

    Account or Signup issues

    Hey @joedog it says your email bounced Can you confirm me your email and I can update it?
  29. Papa Emeritus

    Official Laundy Hotels announced as Major Sponsor of the Bulldogs

    If it has a big white box that is a no from me. It is incredibly mediocre. I have eaten there about 5 times and sometimes you get something that is ok, but that is all it is, ok. I can guarantee you that wherever there is a Rashays, there will be 5-10 other places right next to it that are...
  30. Papa Emeritus

    Official Laundy Hotels announced as Major Sponsor of the Bulldogs

    Is there a pic of how the away jersey looks? Also is the son a guy from the bachelor or some shit? I don't watch those shows but he looks familiar.
  31. Papa Emeritus

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    Cya windmill
  32. Papa Emeritus

    News Barrett quits key role at panthers

    I would love to know the variance in $$$ to the subscription model vs free with ads. No one I know subscribes to any online news, I can't imagine they have millions of subscribers. But I guess if they persist with it then it must be way more profitable than free with ads.
  33. Papa Emeritus

    News (ABC) Knights ban most Bulldogs fans from attending game

    I have only been to Newy once and we copped shit all damn game. All the dogs fans are bunched in one corner, and the fans in the stadium would hang over the edge and yelled shit constantly. Also we lost and it was a crap drive home.
  34. Papa Emeritus

    Ladder Predictor

    Making the 8 lol I will be happy if we avoid the spoon. Hope the Broncos get it.
  35. Papa Emeritus

    Official Titans sign David Fifita

    It is clear he just wanted to sign with the team who has a better chance at a premiership.
  36. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    This should be the NRL song
  37. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Just cancel the season and hand Roosters the title!

    Agreed value is all bullshit. As if that team has everyone playing on a fair market value, most of them would probably make 25%+ at any other club. How massive is the leeway? The system is designed to keep the same successful teams continually successful.
  38. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    Not a fan?
  39. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    New Haken album is out. Solid as.
  40. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion 6 again

    I am fine with it as I want the game sped up not slowed down, I just wish I knew WTF each repeat set was actually for. The commentators never seem to know as they rarely explain a reason. The refs need some kind of sign language like cricket has.
  41. Papa Emeritus

    Chee kam injury

    Yeah looked like he got smashed into another dimension. Looked like he had a seizure the poor bugger.
  42. Papa Emeritus

    Official Major Sponsor - Laundy Hotels

    I am happy we got a sponsor but this logo is so shit. Companies need to spend money on graphic designers instead of whipping up shit in microsoft word.
  43. Papa Emeritus

    Official Trent Barrett to coach the Bulldogs for the next three seasons

    I recorded it here, audio only https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dc3uuvlojBoYWScMB99AUzBRp3gbI7ro/view?usp=drivesdk
  44. Papa Emeritus

    Official Trent Barrett to coach the Bulldogs for the next three seasons

    I started typing it out but it would take way too long, then I tried some random app on my phone...
  45. Papa Emeritus

    Official Trent Barrett to coach the Bulldogs for the next three seasons

    I am not convinced that this is the right move but it is probably as good as we were gonna get at the moment. Happy to see some change.
  46. Papa Emeritus

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs vs Knights - Discussion Thread

    He needs more time to learn our complex structures
  47. Papa Emeritus

    Official Major Sponsor - Laundy Hotels

    A mate of mine lived right next to that place. His apartment was part of the same building. Man the stories he had were insane, it all went downhill when they turned it into a strip joint. He had surveillance cameras that faced the road, one time this chick (I assume she was a stripper) came...
  48. Papa Emeritus

    Nick CANNON

    He's hilarious
  49. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    She is pretty cool, funny as well.
  50. Papa Emeritus

    Dogs offer Foran 1 year deal at 75% pay cut

    Hopefully Foran knows we have not gotten value for money from him and he is willing to make up for that with that deal.
  51. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    This is pretty awesome, love the clip too. There was something really cool seeing someone mime screamy singing without looking like they are screaming. ps yeah she hot.
  52. Papa Emeritus

    Bulldogs pay out coach Dean Pay’s contract in full; six-again sinners and winners

    I am glad they did this. The guy isn't gone due to a lack of effort, he didn't just leave us in the lurch or whatever.
  53. Papa Emeritus

    Any racism will result in a week ban

    This is something we have constantly battled with here and we do try to address. We can't see everything though, so if you see something you think we should address please report it. Sometimes we will decide that deletion is all that is required, but if it is really bad or a repeat offender we...
  54. Papa Emeritus

    News Trent Barrett promises Penrith he won’t leave until after 2020 grand final, amid Canterbury courtshi

    The good thing is that this means we have time to sound out all options. There is no need to rush into signing a coach, especially when this year is lost.
  55. Papa Emeritus

    Indigenous Jersey

    Like how much better is this?
  56. Papa Emeritus

    Official Dean Pay quits

    I'll allow it
  57. Papa Emeritus

    Okunbor/CHN megathread

    Trust CHN to follow a muppet like Clarkey. The guy who just steals real journalists work and posts it as his own.
  58. Papa Emeritus

    Okunbor/CHN megathread

    CHN can get fked then. Hope the club makes it hard for him to leave though, just to piss him off. Go root some more school girls mate.
  59. Papa Emeritus

    Indigenous Jersey

    I think we all understand what it is honouring, but that doesn't mean we can't think it does not look aesthetically pleasing (it looks like shit). Plenty of other teams nail the design on these alternate jerseys, we just always seem to fail. Every single 9's jersey has been atrocious for example.
  60. Papa Emeritus

    News Michael Ennis calls for ‘experience’ to replace Dean Pay after ‘unfortunate’ Bulldogs exit

    A lot of people give Ennis shit, but he is quite articulate most of the time.
  61. Papa Emeritus

    My First Born

    Awesome news, enjoy!
  62. Papa Emeritus

    My First Born

    Your poor missus, my wife had a pretty horrible birth it is really tough to see and not be able to do much Good luck man
  63. Papa Emeritus

    Official Dean Pay quits

    How good is it that we don't need to wait until next year
  64. Papa Emeritus

    Official Dean Pay quits

    Dean Pay to step down as Bulldogs Head Coach Author bulldogs.com.au Timestamp Tue 14 Jul 2020, 09:55 AM Share on social media Share via Facebook Share via Twitter Share via Reddit Share via Email Dean Pay will step down from his role as Head Coach of the Bulldogs immediately after both parties...
  65. Papa Emeritus

    Dogs to give Barrett $3m cheque book as Penrith allow him to start talks over replacing Pay

    This would be such a hard decision for Barrett. This could very well be his last ever chance to coach a team, does he take it knowing we are absolute shit and knowing that if he can't fix that turd, he may never head coach again? Or does he hold out for another top job that may never come and...
  66. Papa Emeritus

    Official Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera statement

    Keeping it in house doesn't work when one of the girls is putting stuff on social media.
  67. Papa Emeritus

    Official Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera statement

    How exactly is this the clubs fault when the NRL deregistered the players? I really want to know what people like you think the club could have even done in this situation. They had no power here.
  68. Papa Emeritus

    Official Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera statement

    So if I'm reading this right they are both still Bulldogs players and suspension back dated to when they stopped playing.
  69. Papa Emeritus

    Front of Jersey Sponsor

    We can thank Okunbor and CHN for this situation. I hope Okunbor especially never plays NRL again. I cannot really blame the club for being unable to find a replacement after all that shit... Maybe if we were playing well someone would jump on, but we have won 1 game. What a great advertising...
  70. Papa Emeritus

    Andrew Webster (SMH)

    wtf even is this article? How is Reynolds a botched retention? The guy is shit. All he offers is enthusiasm and errors. Pay lacks good assistant coaches? Maybe, but that should be no excuse for his own shit coaching, for example his shocking positional decisions and overall team selections...
  71. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    No worries. ps guy singing at around 8 mins is the Katatonia singer. It is pretty typical of The Ocean, so if you like that you would probably like their other stuff if you aren't already familiar. Their albums definitely take digesting though, a lot to take in. This is a fav song of theirs...
  72. Papa Emeritus

    The Murika Thread

  73. Papa Emeritus


    Man as if Belmore will ever get such an upgrade. What a pipe dream.
  74. Papa Emeritus

    What should David Fifita do?

    Is the reason for 1 year really to get rid of his manager? WTF? If I were him I would stay the fuck away from the Titans, unless all he cares about is a few hundred thouand dollars in the short term that is. The Titans are never going to be good and going there can only hurt his career longterm.
  75. Papa Emeritus

    2020 Bulldogs Match Day & Venue Survey

    I put a strong preference to Bankwest and negged every ANZ option. Fuck ANZ. We need to move past this whole home stadium bullshit. ANZ is a TERRIBLE stadium to watch footy at. Bankwest is amazing and I would watch every game there if I had a choice. Bankwest should be the home of any team in...
  76. Papa Emeritus

    Okay which one of you dissed Dean Pay?

    We have had a request to not share the video. So no one post it
  77. Papa Emeritus

    Okay which one of you dissed Dean Pay?

    Just don't be racist edit did no one mirror the OP video?
  78. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    I really dig The Ocean's new song
  79. Papa Emeritus

    2 negative emoticons gone

    I liked those emojis, and I wanted them to stay but I understand why the other guys got rid of them (I was the only staff member who wanted them to stay, everyone else wanted them gone or didn't care). They were absolutely abused by some people and that did lead to some headaches. There are...
  80. Papa Emeritus

    Ryan Girlder on Triple M

    On the MMM topic, I met Jamie Angel the other day, really cool guy. I asked him about The Grill Team and he said that he made the choice to kill it because Matty was too hard to replace and apparently it rated the lowest out of every breakfast show. That shocked me a bit, I really enjoyed it...
  81. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Wakeham Thought

    Enjoy your holiday
  82. Papa Emeritus

    We will find out if we get the spoon next week

    If we can win any game it will be this game. We have been trying hard and the Broncos tend to stop trying after 10 mins.
  83. Papa Emeritus

    What would attract you to a Club?

    It absolutely depends on where you are at in your career. When you are a rookie you pretty much have to take the best offer you can get, you can't be too picky. Then it is all upto you on how much you bump up your worth. If you don't bump it up you will just continue to have to take whatever...
  84. Papa Emeritus

    Elliot video circulating

    I wanna see the video to see just how bad this shit is. Can't be as bad as what Napa did. But fk me Footy players are dumb.
  85. Papa Emeritus

    Any racism will result in a week ban

    Any insults based on race is racist. I tend to agree but we like to at least give people a chance to reform. Some of the people banned recently have no prior incidents. I won't name names that doesn't help anything.
  86. Papa Emeritus

    News Cooper Cronk’s advice to Wests Tigers hooker Harry Grant

    Yet another example of why the strong clubs stay strong, and the others continue to struggle. Cooper is such a bullshit artist though, as if he would have only been a 100 game player at some other club. Bellend is just trying to help Melbourne.
  87. Papa Emeritus

    Any racism will result in a week ban

    Some recent examples that copped 1 week off (in response to the above quote) It should be common sense. Don't use racial slurs, don't compare people to animals, don't attack anyones racial background. It doesn't do anyone any good, especially not the forum as a whole.
  88. Papa Emeritus

    Any racism will result in a week ban

    Yes, it has gotten ridiculous lately
  89. Papa Emeritus

    News John Bateman to depart Canberra at Seasons End

    Maybe he wants to go back to England
  90. Papa Emeritus

    "Roosters $400k Under Cap In 2020"

    The fact is that players will play for less to play at a good team. I would, every player wants a premiership or 3.
  91. Papa Emeritus

    Main Sponsor

    The board did provide on a major sponsor, but two brainless twats who can't keep their dicks in their pants and follow team rules ruined it for us.
  92. Papa Emeritus

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    He is only 25? Sheet. He seems a lot older. I reckon he isn't what we need, especially if he is being squeezed out of Souffs for lack of money. He will want too much.
  93. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Great BritanTest Centre

    That guy the Roosters signed seems so shit. He looked good in SL as well.
  94. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Absolute madness

    I am sure they aren't waiting. They just have not sealed a deal with someone yet. You can't just throw money at some coach and then they are magically now your coach. We are a shitstorm of a club so I am sure it will take a lot of convincing to get someone good here.
  95. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Absolute madness

    Dean Pay is shit but a lot of the things outlined in this thread are the fault of Des and the old board. They took a massive gamble in back ending heaps of contracts and paying overs for other people to win a premiership after we got so close in 2012. 2012 was our year, 2014 was a pipe dream...
  96. Papa Emeritus

    Pay Extension

    Wow, now I hope Dean Pay gets an extension
  97. Papa Emeritus

    Are you concerned about our small statutes policemen/women?

    Cops are equal opportunity now, but they still have size requirements for specific roles in the force. Those small statured cops you saw would not be able to join ************* or Riot Squad. I heard a story through a mate of a female cop who was interested in joining the K9 Unit, but quickly...