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    Opinion Where is the Harper brigade?

    Others would say he had an off day but I never rated him personally, but then again there are quite a few players in our top squad that I don't rate as confirmed NRL talent either.....just fringe first graders at best.
  2. Vlasnik

    Opinion Cobra Kai Bulldogs Stress Relief

    Thank you for posting :)
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    Rumour AFB to leave Manly

    No Chloe had a firm grip on his dick and stroked David all the way to Newcastle. Why would women want equal rights when they have pussy power? :smilecat:
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    News I'm all in': Barrett won't back out of Bulldogs deal

    I can't wait for our team to learn how to play :)
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    Official Members Update from the Chair & CEO

    Stopped reading at players are putting in.
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    The forgotten man nrl rumours

    I hear the forgotten man is about to retire, but we've got money to burn and a handicap parking space on offer :grinning: What this space. :dizzy:
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    Opinion Averillo to Hooker, Lewis also to hooker. Must read!

    Haven't read it, could not be bothered but if you throw enough darts your bound to hit something.
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    Opinion Marshall for 1 year anyone

    I would take him, top player. Youth can never replace experience. Besides all the top sides have a mix of both.
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    Opinion Braydon Trindall

    What is the definition of desperation? The Kennel waiting for a good news from the club re signings.
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    Opinion I want to share this

    thanks for sharing
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    Dear Brisbane Broncos, the coach isn't the problem

    Dear Brisbane Broncos, the coach isn't the problem Michael Waldron Roar Rookie https://www.theroar.com.au/2020/08/15/dear-brisbane-broncos-the-coach-isnt-the-problem/#comments-section Write for The Roar Anyone can contribute to The Roar and have their work featured alongside some of...
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    The player point system needs to replace the salary cap

    The recent signing of Sonny Bill Williams to the Sydney Roosters has sparked an outcry of unfairness and controversy among supporters of the game. Although he is unarguably a great marketing tool for the NRL, the point of contention here for anyone other than an Easts supporter is how such an...
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    I totally agree.
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    No Source Elliot will extend

    Great expecting another 2 years of crap before long dick dong decides to pull his finger out again and starts playing to his potential in another contract year. Whats next Tolman gets another 3 years??? What's that old saying again "a fool and his money are soon parted"? So much for our...