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    This thread didn't age well lol
  2. Velk

    V'Landys still in denail

    Vlandys is a dud. Nobody likes watching blow out games every match due to his consistent rule changes. Unless its the rare top 4 vs 4 clash every game is just a blow out and boring to watch past 20 mins. Bring back the days where an 8-6 score line was actually great to watch
  3. Velk

    Official Mounties (NSW Cup) 2021

    Still baffles me how the NRL ditched reserve grade as the premier 2nd division coverage for shitty u21s and now we're stuck in this crap of limited random coverage of nsw/qld cup
  4. Velk

    Regarding Barrett

    Are they meant to just forget anything they learnt in the Off-season? If Bellamy left the club this week would the storm perform like a wooden spoon club next week? I'm not even defending Barret here just pointing out the question has no real point. The panthers were always going to start the...
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    Bicep cancer?

    All the best rod hope its just your big muscles
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    Sonny bill commentary is rubbish

  7. Velk

    Sonny bill commentary is rubbish

    That's good to hear, respect to the bloke for that. Hope your mates kid is getting well
  8. Velk

    Bring back Moses Mbye

    I tend to agree, with Dietz getting called back into first grade this week we're really lacking a hooker in NSW Cup
  9. Velk

    Opinion Switching teams

    How about Mounties for abit?
  10. Velk

    Sonny bill commentary is rubbish

    Wake up lol why do you think Sonny returned to the NRL in Politis' pocket? The only people who go on about this "icon" of sport are his delusional fanboys. Meanwhile back in reality, the rest of us couldn't give 2 fucks for the money hungry grub
  11. Velk

    Sonny bill commentary is rubbish

    TLDR - Sonny left cause he signed a contract and then beleived he was worth more than that contract afterwards. So he left in the middle of the night without even a word to anybody. Smart businessman, but his legacy will always be remembered as that guy who would ditch his team for a dollar
  12. Velk

    Sonny bill commentary is rubbish

    The guy didn't even have the guts to front his team mates he literally just packed up and left lol, I don't get anybody who supports this dud it's nothing like a player leaving after a contract or even asking for a release
  13. Velk

    Sonny bill commentary is rubbish

    He signed a long term contract and had a sook after Nasser got in his ear and said he could make more in union. So he jumped on a plane in the middle of the night... what exactly did the dogs do wrong there again lol?
  14. Velk

    Sonny bill commentary is rubbish

    Ok Sonny. Please dissapear into irrelevancy already
  15. Velk

    The EVILS of Pokies

    They're evil as fuck, literally have psychologists on their teams to help maximimise the dopamine addiction levels possible in the software. Too bad they provide the government with too much easy money therefore they have all the power in the world. Pretty sure we average losing more money per...