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    News Josh Addo-Carr contract: Bulldogs emerge as favourite for Storm flyer

    I couldn’t be fkd reading through the whole thread , so anyone hear the DWZ for Ado-Carr swap in the works? Like I said could’ve been said already , could be somewhere else , zero motivation to search
  2. The ReignMan

    News Garry Hughes could return to Bulldogs board

    I reckon Mark Waugh is the more passionate outa the 2 would be good either way
  3. The ReignMan

    News Both Storm Hookers Threaten to Leave if Smith plays on.

    Back the brinks truck up for either of them , both Jets
  4. The ReignMan

    News Rashays swap Canterbury for Cronulla in sponsorship deal

    Rashay’s got a good relationship with food poisoning , deadset shithole , move on
  5. The ReignMan

    News Walking into a mess’: The big warning to Barrett as bitter Dogs battle takes ANOTHER turn

    Does the board fkn play? I couldn’t give a rat arse what happens in the front office , fk the outside haters , assemble a fkn roster that can get us W’s and move on , W’s are the only thing that are gonna shut these c*** up!
  6. The ReignMan

    There you go..

    Bang on the money Des can choke on Raylenes fat cock , hate that c***
  7. The ReignMan

    News Matt Burton, Brandon Smith on Bulldogs radar as Trent Barrett overhauls squad

    If Baz can pull most of this off he’s more than welcome to perform nude pushups on the bar at my joint
  8. The ReignMan

    Official Bulldogs sign respected assistant coach David Furner

    Napa and She-Rex the worst by the length of the straight
  9. The ReignMan

    Sione katoa

    I love his aggro
  10. The ReignMan

    Confirmed 2020

    We are that bad we should be awarded 2 spoons
  11. The ReignMan


    Another quality Pay decision
  12. The ReignMan

    Opinion Thompson

    When he finally gets to start at prop we’ll see his best
  13. The ReignMan


    Tell me how the recruitment/retention department have kept their jobs fkn putrid job they’ve done