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  1. steeliz

    Why haven't we even contacted Flanagan yet ?

    Who said we haven't?
  2. steeliz

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    Butthurt snowflake :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy:
  3. steeliz

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    NO!!!! That is just another far-right conspiracy theory from @Realist90
  4. steeliz

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    LINK: Bulldogs Discussion | The Kennel Forum Not good news but it involves footy
  5. steeliz

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    Screw that I have a WALL!!!! Going cheap.
  6. steeliz

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    Yeah Been down this road with Constance before. I have low opinions of most politicians but my opinion of Constance is low EVEN for a politician. Unfortunately he in slightly in front in Gilmore now and we may just be stuck with him.
  7. steeliz

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    Unfortunately so have I. On a good day I would classify him as incompetent. He makes Scomo look like Menzies.
  8. steeliz

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    They would only put Constance in charge if they want Labor to be in for the next decade.
  9. steeliz

    Rumour Marty Tapau back to Bulldogs

    Depends on what we pay for him
  10. steeliz


    Most of those players were released by Hasler and ancient history.
  11. steeliz

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    Another from the 'ONLY IN AMERICA' files Link: Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy: Our Maternal Death Rates Are Only Bad If You Count Black Women “About a third of our population is African American; African Americans have a higher incidence of maternal mortality. So, if you correct our...
  12. steeliz

    Opinion Credence Toia

    Kid is 19. Probably not ready to play FG week in, week out.
  13. steeliz

    News Dufty secures Super League deal; Hetherington eyes Knights

    Isn't the kid only 19 or20? If true, hope we aren't throwing him into the deep end too early.
  14. steeliz

    Barrett knew axe could fall if Dogs lost to Knights

    It's a nice way of saying some of our players are just stupid.
  15. steeliz

    Central west bulldogs..

    can we aim for 25 724 seat stadium. It's my lucky number.