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    Social Media Tigers close to signing Tamou and Addo Carr

    thought the tigers had to move 2 big priced player on for anything to happen, now close to announcing the signing of 2 players wouldnt think lawrence and benji be on big money
  2. sgodllubsti

    Lewis needs to retire immediately

    if lewis could play as good as he thinks he is he would be ok, problem is his ego far exceeds his ability
  3. sgodllubsti

    News Moves to oust board

    there needs to be an administrator appointment remove all people presently there, and have the right people engaged to run the club how it should be run we are a laughing stock and failing on so many fronts all because of self interests andersons and everything else need to be thrown in the...
  4. sgodllubsti

    Official Round 18 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    lewis no more chances, he would fuck the lords prayer if he knew the words
  5. sgodllubsti

    Official Round 18 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    lewis is the younger version of tolman, lewis kills off our attack near the line
  6. sgodllubsti


    all of them need to be thrown out, call in an administrator, have them hire the best people for the job, no more of this dna bullshit of hiring ex players or their family
  7. sgodllubsti

    Lynne Anderson days are numbered and here's why.

    doesnt matter who appears to have won, the real loser out of this mess is the club and its supporters, they all need removing thrown out with the rubbish
  8. sgodllubsti

    Opinion Stop the inhouse fighting and start recruiting.

    it is impossible for a club, business, or even a team to run smoothly when there are factions working to benefit themselves or working against each other what we have is the andersons living off the deeds of bullfrog, they are claiming they will be successful because of their dna, that's...
  9. sgodllubsti

    Phil Gould advising Trent Barrett to Re consider deal with the dogs

    enough is enough, the whole lot of the board the whole lot of front office and admin people need to be removed, put an administrator in and have them hire qualified and suitable people for the positions to run the club rugby league is a business having so called bulldogs dna and ex players or...
  10. sgodllubsti

    No Source Big Hooker News. Inside info

    only hookers the club have are in the front office and they busy fucking the club
  11. sgodllubsti

    News Monday Buzz: Behind the scenes feud at the Dogs tearing the club apart

    big integral part of any business is a strong front office where everyone works towards the one goal, canterbury bulldogs front office for years now has been a basket case, important areas are run by DNA instead of the right person for the job success starts at the fron office of any business...
  12. sgodllubsti

    Is this the worst Nrl side ever?

    if i was building a team from scratch, there wouldn't be to many from our current team id have, we have a lot of decent reserve grade players only a few nrl quality players
  13. sgodllubsti

    Canterbury Bulldogs internal review into horror 2020 NRL season

    internal review so everyone knows the club has failed from the boardroom through to the water boy