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  1. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Dolphin Watching

    Is Sean O'Sullivan signing confirmed? Or was that just a rumour?
  2. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    Schoupp I don't mind there but Averillo? Surely someone else can offer more.
  3. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Credence Toia

    I reckon a real solid preseason training will get him going for a start next year. Wouldn't want to rush him now.
  4. S.B.W_Jnr

    Corey Allan

    You mean averillo out who offers nothing
  5. S.B.W_Jnr

    Corey Allan

    I still think Kiraz should be in the centres
  6. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Matt dufty

    Toia needs to put size on he's too light I think next year he'll get a go.
  7. S.B.W_Jnr

    Here's the thing about 2024

    The only way we will see progress and be successful again is investing in the Juniors we have lacked that for a while now.
  8. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Barrett no longer at the dogs is because of Gus not the board. When Gus got involved weeks ago during training and won that's when it all changed for Barrett. Had he won against the knights he would be still coach this week. This was Gus decision.
  9. S.B.W_Jnr

    Rumour Dogs considering Cameron Smith

    BBO dropped to nsw cup ?
  10. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Dolphin Watching

    They should take JMK
  11. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Brent Naden

    Give back Panthers Naden and take Taylan May
  12. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Brent Naden

    Allan for naden when fit and kiraz for Averillo when eligible. We will see better results on that side. 1.Dufty 2. Allen 3. Kiraz 4. Schoupp 5. Addo-Carr
  13. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Injury updates

    What's the latest update on the injury list ? Would like to know on Allen and rfm
  14. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Averillo

    Needs time in Reggie's. I'd bring someone else in. Kiraz would be good obviously that won't happen until after rd 11. Maybe alamoti until Kiraz comes available.
  15. S.B.W_Jnr

    Round 8 Team V Roosters Match Discussion

    Let's hope bbo gets on earlier not the last 7 minutes!