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    Opinion SOS Shane Flanagan

    He has 1 thing more Barrett the flop never will, a PREMIERSHIP!
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    Opinion Game Changer

    Game changer was that flop knockonbour dropping the ball cold trying to play it when we lead 10 nil just before halftime. Probably 1st time he touched it all game then he drops the interception next set of six then we only lead by 4 at the break
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    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    Dumb fuck leaves BBO on the bench until 7 minutes to go when chasing points. Fuck me JMK ain’t a hookers asshole
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    The Tennis Thread

    Nothing disgusting about a patriotic home crowd, another cake walk win your right about, because she was just to good. 3 Grand slams is a huge achievement, she beat everyone put in front of her 3 times now. What have you done in life? She is one of the best sport stars we have in this country...
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Sofi to be painted red next week
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Yeah our offence sucked balls, but we held the so-called messiah Rodgers to just 10 points. What is that 0-4 for him against us in playoffs? After he said we would be sorry for not drafting him. As I said that’s what I love about this team, they still find a way to win. Jimmy G is shit, if we...
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Todays game is a prime example of why I love the 49ers. They remind me of the mighty doggies so much. Behind in a match they were not supposed to win, playing terrible, but yet never gave up and somehow managed to pull off an unlikely win. We’re not the most flashy team but our defence is like...
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Or your kicker missing right on half time.
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    No Source Max King to sign

    Officially signed club just sent out email
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    United Australia Party

    Palmer don’t believe in anything but Palmer. He has jumped on the back of Kelly making headlines and is hoping to score votes off the back of it. Kelly may win him a couple of seats off the back of his COVID stance, once that happens palmer will change the narrative and do what he wants...
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    United Australia Party

    No chance with that fat fuck Palmer in charge, the bloke is an attention seeking clown. The only reason he is gaining members (if what he tells you is true) is because of the recent text messages sent out to everyone whilst stuck in lockdown. The tosser is wasting millions like the last...
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    Official Lachlan Lewis sacked

    He already killed his own career by the way he plays, hence why he has no contract anywhere next year.
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    fitness of keiren foran

    He’s not the sole playmaker at manly, he just sits back and let’s dce and turbo run the show. Where with us he was the only half doing anything and was constantly targeted by opposing teams coping a hammering every week.
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    Official Round 18 Bulldogs V Rabbitohs - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Only on while Katoa was off for hia check
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    Elliot and Hopoate

    All good bro, had a few myself watching that rubbish. Elliott’s penalty turned the game right around and we lost control from that point on. Hoppa has been good in the past but he is finished, he is trying to hard to make himself look good and get another contract. We have a weapon in cotric on...