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  1. Nasheed

    Luke thompson captain

    Sheeeet please
  2. Nasheed

    Official Paul Vaughan signs for the Bulldogs on a one year deal

    The good thing about vagjhian on a year deal after sitting out this season is there’s no risk of a Blake green style ACL injury
  3. Nasheed

    Opinion Favourite/Best Bulldogs quote together with moment.

    I have one but I really don’t want to say as it involved dogs players doing bad stuff after a certain celebration in 2014 media don’t know about and that’s that.
  4. Nasheed

    Burton to Centre?

    Truer words have neve been said yayeah
  5. Nasheed

    Paps re-signs with storm

    Again you’re obsessed with me. But in this case you are the fraud because you said every club is talking to him and now you’re acting like you had an exclusive on him signing with the storm because Paps brothers team smashed your under 13 side and you shook his hand and said GG Uleh.
  6. Nasheed

    Luke thompson captain

    He just don’t sting when he does the tackles and he doesn’t just tackles when he attacks is all. I say let Jackson be skip during his contract and then at the end of his tenure have a ceremony where he transfers the baton to Thompson. Make Thompson vice now to prepare for that day coz Jacki will...
  7. Nasheed

    Luke thompson captain

    Nasheed here, does he want it? has he skipped before?
  8. Nasheed

    Burton to Centre?

    no what you said was this " its not rocket science, every team in the comp will be offering pappy a contract bar roosters, manly and newcastle if their respective fullbacks remain. so it is not mail that we are talking to him, more like if you arent you arent doing your job." Here is the...
  9. Nasheed

    What is the most boring sport at the Olympics?

    its an absolute embarrassment that was included. dulls the prestige of the olympics
  10. Nasheed

    Burton to Centre?

    your the one being the troll and always making things up like u did 5 mins ago
  11. Nasheed

    Paps re-signs with storm

    youre straight out lying now.
  12. Nasheed

    NRL 2021, transfer market: Kyle Flanagan rubbishes Super League rumours,

    Word Pearce is the perfect signing
  13. Nasheed

    Halfback 2022

    Yo man we have actually looked into him deeply as an option (previous oil) and the outcome is he’s deeply declined as a player even England don’t want him and neither do raiders who were considering it to replace George yo.