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    Ghislaine Maxwell didn't kill herself

    Only 20 Years, that seems soft
  2. MattyB

    News Flock Of Bulldogs Poll -Who’s Coming

    I'll be there
  3. MattyB

    BBQ Carnivore - Thread

    I agree to this, last week i smoked the brisket i had brining in the fridge, 2 week Brine, rinse then smoke. It was epic Pastrami, i ate it all week
  4. MattyB

    Crypto currency

    Depends on who you use, a lot of places make you transfer it to a different currency, then you can withdraw, it's a hard process
  5. MattyB

    Taumalolo Trainwreck

    Exactly, we will know for sure once the Cowboys have an Away game in round 5, because he aint getting into NZ without being Vaxed
  6. MattyB

    Vintage Australian ice cream/ lollies

    I went away with my BIL years ago to the Reserves for a weekend, i was given a ration pack, that food made me fart like i had eaten curries for a year and i saved all my farts for that weekend away, bloody terrible. A child care dad that i chat to was in the army, he said they eat certain foods...
  7. MattyB

    Vintage Australian ice cream/ lollies

    Steam Rollers were the best mints,i remember them very well! I used to get Raspberry Lollies from my school canteen, they are similar to Fruit Tingles, they were awesome, but then one day they stopped making them
  8. MattyB

    Soccer The Manchester United SUPER Thread

    the game against City will be interesting
  9. MattyB

    Soccer The Manchester United SUPER Thread

    On the one hand we are playing flat, but he is scoring goals when we need him so......
  10. MattyB


    This is exactly what i thought of as i read the post you quoted, i couldn't remember the name of the movie though
  11. MattyB

    Windows 11

    I used to drag an email from my inbox to my crm or another email, but now i cant do . it's so bloody annoying
  12. MattyB

    Windows 11

    i used to click on my scroll wheel on my mouse to open in a new tab, but it doesnt work as well as it used to now that i have upgraded
  13. MattyB

    Vintage Australian ice cream/ lollies

    Strawberry Billabong was really good too
  14. MattyB

    Vintage Australian ice cream/ lollies

    Smurf was the best!
  15. MattyB

    An appreciation thread of the fairer sex