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    Now I have seen it ALL!

    where’s pea hahahahaha that was a while ago now
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    Now I have seen it ALL!

    6 spoons in a row says otherwise
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    News No quick fix for Canterbury Bulldogs amid another poor start, says Paul Gallen

    imo the forwards have got off lightly over the years because the focus has been on our lack of try scoring ability and therefore our halves. The fact is that we’ve been soft through the middle and we always come away without having won the battle up front. If we aim up and get the mentality back...
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    captain crab
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    Hypothetical if we’d kept Asotasi and O’Meley instead....

    the downfall started with greenberg - he’s a fuckin cocksucker
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    Steve Hansen

    he’s had the covid for a while now
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    Flanno is a fraud

    terrible pull out game from shane
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    Round 5 Team

    according to some **** on here his boyfriends boyfriend is a ref at 3rd grade level and thinks the charge is warranted. Fair dinkum
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    Dane Gagai not wanted for next year at souths

    so nothings changed and people want to see absolutely every hick possible at the bulldogs
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    The real reason we are in this Position

    let’s get one without covid then
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    Does anyone have any Ideas?

    Agreed. we should also put the ball over the opposition tryline with downward pressure more times than they do to us.
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    Does anyone have any Ideas?

    i’m not convinced we won’t put a string of wins together, it’s always a difficult task having new players in important positions.