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  1. joedog

    Experts' view: Who'll make the top eight in 2021

    I can see us improving but we arent going to make the eight and even if we do only making up numbers
  2. joedog

    News Matt Burton wants out

    I dont see why averillo cant challenge for the fullback spot allen is a good signing but hes no superstar fullback from what ive seen.
  3. joedog

    What are we going to do if we miss out on B.Smith ? (reportedly close to signing with Titans)

    I still think baz is aiming to get koroisau next year or 2023 if nothing comes up in the mean time apparently they have a strong relationship. I just hope some young hooker comes through this season because we will be all over it$$
  4. joedog

    2021 members.

    I renewed mine 2 weeks ago but never recieved a members pack or anything anyone else waiting?
  5. joedog

    Official Matt Burton to join the Bulldogs in 2022

    It's ok for Penrith to tell Josh Mansor to get his bike when there done with him. But then they carry on when a young player leaves that can't crack there 1st grade team they gotta get over it.
  6. joedog


    I wouldnt go that far but he would be one of our betta options and worth the risk thats for sure.
  7. joedog

    Josh Addo Carr - Consolidated Thread

    What if storm loan him to us for next year hes still technicaly signed with storm?
  8. joedog

    Other News Source JAC

    What if storm loan him to us for next year hes still technicaly signed with storm?
  9. joedog

    Rumour Oil/Inside Information/Prediction - Consolidated Thread

    Really getting sick of reading this shit what are they waiting for they have had over 2 weeks of negotiations surely they are close to an agreement
  10. joedog

    Rumour 3 Penrith players to belmore

    Just seen that aswell naden in rehab for alchahol problem after racism on the footy field stay at penrith buddy
  11. joedog

    Opinion Should Josh Jackson be re-signed when he comes off contract?

    If you were in a team busting your ass for 4 years with a bunch of rookies and wannabees on big contracts eventually you would slow up too if the team comes with a new attitude this year you will see him lift and be the leader he once was wait and see.
  12. joedog

    Official Matt Burton to join the Bulldogs in 2022

    Surely if burton doesnt sign this season averillo plays 5/8 and and flano half. Lewis shouldnt be in the mix anyway hes a full dud
  13. joedog

    Official Reimis Smith to the Storm

    All i can say is storm made brenko lee look decent when no other club could so imagine what they will do with remis smith no big loss to us at 450k but good gain for storm.
  14. joedog

    News D-Day arrives as Bulldogs set to ‘blow Panthers out of water’ with Burton offer

    Well thats what im thinking surely he wont be wasted at centre.