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    The " refspiracy " against the Bulldogs.

    The referee’s inconsistency in the ruck control is what lost us the game. He was very vocal with dogs defence constantly calling held very early. They seemed to be able to lay on with out any talk from the ref. This is why they ran through us, we were gassed
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    Gus Announces Celebration Luncheon Held On Thursday 4/8

    Please be Burton!!
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    Opinion Get Ready

    can we stop this bloke from starting threads
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    Rumour Bulldogs to announce ciraldo and new signings

    Davey is old as dirt and injury prone
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    Opinion How nice is this feeling

    I think you need to cut down on starting threads. Maybe just 1 per day. Getting stage 5 clinger vibes
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    Opinion Kyle Flanagan

    Thought he was our best last week. Happy for him to stay on for the remainder of his contract given the lack of options around.
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    Opinion Mahoney

    Papali'i did'nt backflip though
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    Opinion Tyson Gamble

    Gamble is best described as bloke who hangs out with footballers
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Money won’t be our issue. He won’t have the ability to earn more anywhere else given he is contracted to us for next year. Our only danger is Storm or Roosters depending what happens with Keary/Munster
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    That’s way to technical for me brother. It’s on the offical bulldogs Facebook page.
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I just watched it, bloke played a straight bat, nothing to indicate he does or doesn’t want to be here.
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    Rumour Brad Fittler to coach Bulldogs

    Looks like the short bus has arrived
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    News "News" More Burton media dribble

    I think the ones that matter would have to. What about you ?
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    News "News" More Burton media dribble

    We need to name a coach or at least tell Burton who the coach will be. The luxury we have is we could upgrade him for next year and no one else can. Give him another 300k for next year and 850-900 for the next 3 years after.
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    i mean we all know that there is no way in hell that he will take up the player option, but he was literally quoted in the same article “we haven’t spoken about that yet”