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    4x4 Dual cab help

    It is a Ford so...
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    Movie Discussion

    Watched Prey Solid movie. Great action, excellent cinematography, and full of quality gore. Definitely the second best Predator movie. The main actress, Amber Midthunder (from Legion TV series) is perfect for the role. She pulls out an excellent performance. But the star of the show is the...
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    U.S. Politics - Thread

    Neon Nettle is a site famous for posting misinformation. The Russia/Trump conspiracy thing started because there was evidence Russia used hackers and bots as pro-Trump/anti-Clinton propaganda. This was all confirmed. The Clinton campaign was fined not for making up the Russia story. They were...
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    4x4 Dual cab help

    400km thank you very much. Jk. Driving a Commodore right now. Gets over 700kms on a tank. Need a new Ute but don't have a massive use for it right now.
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    News Ricky Stuart lashes out at Jaemon Salmon

    Should have named him "Atlantic" or "Smoked"
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    Pride Jersey Pt.2

    Kind of, but also, no. It's misleading. It includes any time someone on Facebook said, "we should create a day for this" and many agreed with them. It's not official. But Brick doesn't care about that. He just likes to make up bullshit. Brick is the guy that thinks that Bill Gates is a...
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    4x4 Dual cab help

    If you were at all thinking Hilux, definitely avoid the diesel Hilux. I generally suggest avoiding diesel anyway as it's extremely terrible for the environment, but even more so for Hilux. Pretty sure they're facing multiple lawsuits because their diesel filters are crap. But if you travel long...
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    List of possible Salmon indiscretions from 12 years ago …

    Only met him twice and he was a top bloke, but around that same time he almost killed a player at the Sharks because he wanted to win so badly. Honestly, he's like most of us. Gets blinded by rage and doesn't think about consequences. If he's not punished then he'll never learn.
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    List of possible Salmon indiscretions from 12 years ago …

    I prefer not to speculate. If I make a guess then some half baked wannabe media member will read it and post it as a news story on some stupid social media platform. Let's just accept that people get in fights all the time and it probably has nothing to do with the fact that this bloke is...
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    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Speaking of Banshee box sets, I picked up season 1 of Banshee when it was on sale at JB Hifi many years back. Watched the first episode and thought, "this is pretty cool" Then for some unknown reason I didn't get around to watching any more of it. No idea why. But I need to get back to it at...
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    The " refspiracy " against the Bulldogs.

    We got some really rough calls, but the ref didn't force us to make all those errors that cost us the game.
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    Covid-19 related debates (argue in this thread only)

    Heavy drug use leads to paranoia? Colour me surprised.
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    Official Team List Round 21 v Cowboys + Match Discussion

    "A pox on all your houses!"
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    Official Team List Round 21 v Cowboys + Match Discussion

    This just makes up for all the bad calls we've copped.