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  1. gibbobulldog

    500k - What are we going to use it on?

    Maybe give it too all the fans for putting up with the shit they have been dishing out.
  2. gibbobulldog

    Opinion Sack Barrett Effective Immediately

    Agree fuck him off.
  3. gibbobulldog

    Official Round 21 Bulldogs V Tigers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Fuck I hate being a dogs supporter at the moment.
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  5. gibbobulldog

    Who Do You think is the Best Goal Kicker Ever?

    Another dumb thread.
  6. gibbobulldog

    Sonny Bill involved?

  7. gibbobulldog

    Klemmer or Woods

    Drugs are bad David.
  8. gibbobulldog

    Matt Burton consolidated thread

    oh shut up sook
  9. gibbobulldog

    Wolves in sheep skin !

  10. gibbobulldog

    Who’s tired?

    Fuck yeh I’m done.
  11. gibbobulldog

    The reason why we are getting monstered

    Because we are SHIT
  12. gibbobulldog

    Rumour Something is brewing

    It is a good friend of mines wife.