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    Official Bulldogs sign Fa amanu Brown

    Reynolds will be lucky to make the reserve grade side Nu brown has improved since he’s moved permanently to hooker and not had to be a half
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Someone ask gus how his meeting with Nathan brown and his management went please
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    Any More BIG NAME signings before season '23?

    Anyone hear about Nathan brown Dogs (Gus) meeting with him tomorrow Would be an awesome pick up and at a good price
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    Opinion Our Right Edge

    Not what I’m hearing Look for Sutton Thompson king potato head to play prop
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    News Addo-Carr opens up on what it would take to become next Dogs captain as contenders revealed

    I’d be shocked if there wasn’t co captains One of them will be ado carr and the other I’ll throw a Smokey in and state Reed Mahoney
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    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    Should’ve started with 1. Douehi 3. Kiraz 6. Moses 7. Rajab Reece robinson is dog poo Team looked half decent when Moses and rajab were combining
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    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    Daddy didn’t let you fly to England all alone again? Just like daddy rejected the super league offer earlier this year?
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    Opinion Our Right Edge

    Pangai might get first crack at right edge
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    Rumour Jayden Sullivan

    Sure is the offseason Let’s hope the World Cup starting tonight gives us something fresh to talk about
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    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    Apparently Khaled picked up a back injury at training and is out of the lebanon vs kiwis game
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    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    Mitch is in england Still no definite word on whether he runs out or not but will not play first game Rajab isn’t a fullback nor can he handle fb
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    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    For the 20th time Khaled is a 7 Played 7 since he was 7 years old Absolutely tore up the juniors growing up His size has held him back a bit but it isn’t due to his talent nor skill He only played fullback to plug a position He’s an out and out half
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    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    I’ve been told Moses has just flown over there and is in England
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    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    He shits on flanacrap and should’ve got a taste towards then end of last season
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    How much should we offer Moses ?

    2024 there will be a lot of player movement. Still think a Hastings and burton combo would be awesome and realistic Or burton and Doeuhi