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    Opinion Hooker Potential Bradley Dietz

    At the moment deitz can’t play until round 10..Tyrone Harding has apparently left though, deitz could take that top 30 spot.
  2. doggies_92

    Team for round 1

    He just copped a fine
  3. doggies_92

    Opinion Bradley Deitz highlights

    Full time contract outside of top 30..which means same as development contract, can play after round 10. He will be treated as second string hooker behind JMK.
  4. doggies_92

    The Bulldogs best ever forward?

    You forgot Fred Briggs
  5. doggies_92

    Looks like we'll end up with Blayke Brailey

    They have played together since they were 5 years old and know each other’s game inside and out!
  6. doggies_92

    Official Doorey Signs Contract Extension

    Have heard Barrett is impressed with Deitz and wants him to keep training full time. Look for him to be added as a development player in the coming days or weeks.
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    News Bulldogs Recruitment Rater 2021

    Nothing to get too excited about just yet but Brad Deitz has just started training with the squad. He is a hooker with a similar style to Damien Cook (probs not as quick). Has been at the roosters stuck behind Friend and Verrills.
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    Who will be the last 3 signings for 2021 ?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets promoted into top 30..like doorey or schoupp
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    On this day... Bulldogs vs Roosters Round 26 (2012)

    Jackson’s SuperCoach score must have been through the roof!
  10. doggies_92

    Official Lafai signs for rest of 2020

    Just a thought. But maybe... 1. Meaney 2. Montoya 3. Lafai 4. Hoppa 5. DWZ 6. Averillo 7. Foran
  11. doggies_92

    News Canterbury keen on Penrith’s Matt Burton

    If we can get him at a good price then I’m not against it. Think back to Tedesco when he started his career, it was ACL after ACL. I’m not saying Bird is the next Tedesco, but I reckon he’s worth a crack if we don’t pay overs.. he was on fire at the sharks, just needs to be put in the right...
  12. doggies_92

    Opinion DWZ

    I just hope he doesn’t get the shits and wanna leave..if he’s happy on the wing then that puts us in a good position to land a marquee fullback
  13. doggies_92

    2020 recruitment

    This is the closest thing We have 18 players signed for 2021 (that includes Wakeham) https://www.zerotackle.com/rugby-league/teams/canterbury-bankstown-bulldogs/
  14. doggies_92

    2020 recruitment

    just heard on channel 7 news..McCullough likely to sign with dogs for 2021 after stint with Newcastle.. That’s shit if true! Would rather Connor Watson or Reed Mahoney
  15. doggies_92

    News Bulldogs fighting to keep young stars

    Highlight videos