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  1. doggieaaron

    How good is max king?

    Great foil for explosive guys like tpj and kiks when he arrives
  2. doggieaaron

    How good is max king?

    Great buy
  3. doggieaaron

    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Was paid overs but that style of player
  4. doggieaaron

    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I think for the balance burton will always be our star half and we just need a 7 slightly better than kyle a chad Townsend type
  5. doggieaaron

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Oku shopped hopefully
  6. doggieaaron

    Opinion Mick Potter

    Braith has become so cocky since hes been managing munster
  7. doggieaaron

    News Bulldogs still eyeing top 8 finish

    Would love us to go on a run
  8. doggieaaron

    News Matt Lodge

    Of course roosters have roon in their cap
  9. doggieaaron

    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    Looks like tanner to get blooded soon
  10. doggieaaron

    Bulldogs Tough Nuts

    Definitely kelly /cement/folkes hard as not sure if anyone remembers kyle white used to put on massive hits
  11. doggieaaron

    Opinion Mick Potter

    Braith is a flop
  12. doggieaaron

    News Bulldogs v Sharks: Burton on a high; Hynes raring to go

    they seemed to of regressed where we have some momentum
  13. doggieaaron

    News "News" More Burton media dribble

    Hes a gun certainly one worth paying overs for if you have too
  14. doggieaaron

    naden out, who else should leave the kennel?

    Very unlikely but if it makes them sleep at night
  15. doggieaaron

    Opinion Potential Burton Competition

    Yep and the difference with gus to our past turkeys is gus has very good relationships with the player managers