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    Rumour New Coach Update Bulldogs

    If potter makes the squad win against the sharks and floppatohs then he definetly deserves another year or two
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    Official Bulldogs development squads for 14s 15s and 16s

    How about the kids that have been in the development squad two yesrs or 3 years in a row now
  3. Bulldogsforlife23

    Official Gus on Twitter

    We wront have a bigger junior nursery then penriths our junior league is heeps smaller but i hope it still works out and i hope gus invests in western nsw and country areas like penrith
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    Jordan Samrani

    Was thomas duffy confirmed
  5. Bulldogsforlife23

    Rumour Craig Sandercock and David Furner

    Has thomas duffy been confirmed anyone help
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    Opinion Michael Cheika

    Na his a fresh kibbenayeh
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    Bulldogs sign Michael Gabrael

    looks like a good kid with lightning speed
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    News The Bulldogs in danger of losing sponsor

    Still also waiting for steve hansen sacking
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    News The Bulldogs in danger of losing sponsor

    New sponsor is vladmir putin i can confirm he said he would send 5 nukes every hour and 500 bottles of vodka every 19 minutes
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    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    Ayrib matt dufty the shit *******
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    News Matt Lodge

    I would think a st george signing there team is full of rejects so might as well
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    News First Casualty of Barrett Resignation

    100 percent footy and gus gould even sore it and didnt say anything
  13. Bulldogsforlife23

    News First Casualty of Barrett Resignation

    Better then barett getting sacked