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    News Bulldogs Roster Changes ..

    Halfback situation, honestly the biggest thing. We're pretty confident Flanagan can't deliver at this point. The centre situation also interesting in us deciding to move on Schoupp, I hope we're going youth and potential in Alamoti and Skelton. Best signing is Mahoney. We've been missing a...
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Team 2023 - Bulldogs Best 17

    For 2024 of course, next year we're pretty screwed in that department tho.
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Team 2023 - Bulldogs Best 17

    Not a genuine 7 no. You can play with 2 Five-eighths with the right hooker. I think it's much better than Flanagan. Burton already dominant with Flanagan anyways.
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    Fifita only genuine second rower on that list. The rest play middle.
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Team 2023 - Bulldogs Best 17

    1. Averillo 2. JAC 3. Alamoti 4. Skelton 5. Kiraz 6. Burton 7. Flanagan (Reynolds or Rajab if/when they're promoted) 8. TPJ 9. Mahoney 10. Sutton 11. Kikau 12. RFM 13. King 14. Perham (or Davey) 15. Thompson 16. Pele 17. Topine Easy Unless we're going to play duds instead not really any...
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    Lebanon half-back Khaled Rajab eyeing up NRL debut in 2023

    Rajab in, Flanagan out !
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    Centres for 2023

    Alamoti and Skelton, if Ciraldo/Gus doesn't think one of them are ready then Kiraz (winger imo) into the centres and Perham (good 14 imo) on the wing. I don't want to be seeing Burns or Allan unless injuries. Casey not good enough right now imo. I wouldn't of let go of Schoupp unless Alamoti and...
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    Official What real Bulldogs fans think of Flanagun

    Elliott isn't a bad lock, the problem is there are a lot of good locks. He's somewhere between do the job and quality if we were making a tier list.
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    Angry Super League club issues 'hands off' warning over NRL raid on George Williams

    Doueihi won't get anywhere near 900k at any club
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    2022-2023 Bulldogs Pre Season Thread.

    missed barely any tackles last season and he's a tackle busting beast, our reserve grade team didn't lose a single game with him in the side
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    Any More BIG NAME signings before season '23?

    Bottom 4 team in recent years, 9th-12th expectations next year, 2nd or 3rd would be great.
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    2022-2023 Bulldogs Pre Season Thread.

    3. Alamoti, 4. Skelton The kids are ready!
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    Any More BIG NAME signings before season '23?

    I don't think it's realistic to think we'll get Moses for the same price as the Eels, e.g. 1m. I think we need to be throwing a couple 100k on top (overs) and then assessing if it's worth it to us or not.
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    Mitchell Moses

    reportedly 950k next year, 950k PO for 2024. You'd think Eel would be bump that up to at least 1m.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Just we wouldn't sign Crichton as a centre because we'd have to pay overs. Playing him fullback "justifies" paying overs.