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    Sydney Protesters

    Problem is they never pay and 100% guaranteed they won't go to gaol, that's why they keep doing this and it's the same people, if they went to gaol for 6 months everytime there wouldn't be anyone to protest, the government is full of shit, all they get is a slap on the wrist and a warning...
  2. Blueandwhiteblood1968

    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I have faith in Gus, Bomber Burton will get a great offer put on the table and will re-sign, also what's that saying 'no one player is bigger than the club' look at the Titans with fafita all that money for that one player and yet their running last, our team is on the up but we still need some...
  3. Blueandwhiteblood1968

    Sydney Protesters

    Let the Truckies have the protester's, they won't hold up traffic ever again!!!
  4. Blueandwhiteblood1968

    Rumour Jayden Okunbor News

    Tiger's will definitely!!
  5. Blueandwhiteblood1968

    Pope Francis resigning?

    So god decided his second in charge has to go, you would think since god can perform miracles he would heel the pope, maybe miracles were engraved on the third tablet and not being religious I learnt about the 15 commandments in the movie History of the world part 1, I'm sure this movie was...
  6. Blueandwhiteblood1968

    Old Habits Die Hard

    I think the attack is slowly getting there if anything needs to be worked on is the defence, even though the tigers didn't score points they made plenty of ground coming out of their own half, a top 4 side would have put more points on us on Sunday, just my thoughts.
  7. Blueandwhiteblood1968

    RFM back?

    Rfm earned a contract extension yesterday just on that performance, if he stays injury free he'll be one of our best forwards in a long time.
  8. Blueandwhiteblood1968

    Why I think we badly need a decent half.

    I bagged out Flanno like a lot of us supporters but he's getting better, and he's earned that chance of making the number 7 his, also having players around him like Burton, fox with Mahoney, kikau on their way he'll only grow in confidence. People were baying for Averillo's head me included at...
  9. Blueandwhiteblood1968

    Official Team List Round 15 v Tigers + Match Discussion

    Tigers are making too many meters.
  10. Blueandwhiteblood1968

    Official Team List Round 15 v Tigers + Match Discussion

    Jmk always takes the wrong options.