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    Official Bulldogs to receive funding for State-of-the-Art Centre of Excellence at Belmore Sports Ground

    Yes it’s massive old Liverpool played out there ground there. And that only takes approximately 1/6 of the land. It’s about same or double of belmore including supportofeilfs, car park ,club and parks
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    Bulldogs sign Michael Gabrael

    Was speaking with a dad of a junior rep today. Apparently big Frank is coaching Fairfield pats. And he’s working for st merge now. He actively encouraging played there to go to st George. There a combination of west parra and dogs kids. Some the club stuff changes happing in the area is good for...
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    Official Team List Round 15 v Tigers + Match Discussion

    Our bench looks light to me. Especially middle forwards. Hopefully it changes before game or tigers will make us struggle through the middle
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    Opinion The 1%ers don't exist - why we consistently lose against good and bad sides

    We have players not up to it. And mix and match players That only suit certain structures. We need to select a coach and players that prefer that structure
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    Penrith Panthers Lineup - Round 13, 2022

    We will be beaten unfortunately. Some out players are not up to it.
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    Payne Haas requests immediate release from Broncos

    If he leaves the bronco it will in my opinion be the dolphins. Heaps cash, Wayne and a marquee signing
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    Belmore Game this Sunday

    Be interesting to see how Flanno senior is welcomed or not by dogs fans. I’m sure corporate will be looking also
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    Official Round 11 NSW Cup

    He runs hard but needs fitness. One maybe two runs he’s looking for a rest. And not mobile at all in defence
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    Official Round 11 NSW Cup

    Anyone know how flegg went?
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    Opinion Sack the new coach

    My opinion. We have two grades of players not up to a first grade standard. We can keep getting Ridd coaches. Will it fix us and bring us back. No. We need to make the hard call on players. Start developing so pride is back in the jersey. Has anyone been to a high performing club ? They have...
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    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    I been saying and I’ll stick to it. We have hardly any talent and need to have more effort players. These lot have little interest in the club ot jersey
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    Rumour Burton Could Walk Out On Dogs

    Rajab has potential but needs development. There are lots potential players coming through. And the club is throwing them up so they can a swim or b see where they need development. We are a good 2 to 3 years till we start seeing the development players coming through having a impact. Will be...
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    News NRL market watch: The Bulldogs are close to securing an exciting Sharks teenager as their future fullback,

    Apparently on sen rumour mill Burton not happy has asked for a release back to riff
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    Official Round 9 NSW Cup

    You write he depends on his strength a lot with arm grabs hopefully they help him work on technique and position play to reduce arm grabs. If he gets into position correct these days his strength will work as three on tackle most plays to help the line set
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    Official Round 9 NSW Cup

    I watched a fair thew Reggie’s games he constantly aims up. I spoke to a couple riff coaches when they played is. They also had raps on him. Not sure how he would go with the next step up to nrl. But in my opinion he’s earnt his chance to see. As he can also fill in at lock five eight.