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  1. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    It's like one of those magic eye pictures I think. There's one there.
  2. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    Took me five minutes to notice the bike in the picture
  3. Alan79

    News Flock Of Bulldogs Poll -Who’s Coming

    It'd require 16 hours of driving in a 24 hour period from me, so highly unlikely I'll be there.
  4. Alan79

    Latest Census results

    The vacant dwellings is a negative gearing thing apparently. Some people get a better return on their money if they leave the investment property vacant. Pretty fucked up when we have housing shortages.
  5. Alan79

    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I'm not sure if it's just the shit of a mood I'm in today, but booze Rotguts opinion isn't worth a square of my used toilet paper. Really wish he'd succumb to alcohol poisoning already. And as much as I'm not a fan of Anasta since hearing about shit he pulled while at the club, he's in a much...
  6. Alan79

    News Bulldogs still eyeing top 8 finish

    I'm not expecting a finals campaign for the NRL side. Doesn't mean I'd be happy to hear that the team were ruling it out.
  7. Alan79

    News Bulldogs hard man Luke Thompson rushes home to England 'in an emotional state' to deal with a mystery family issue

    I hope the big fella is ok. I don't understand the hatred for him. In spite of people rubbishing him as a player, he's been ok in a side that's hardly been setting the world on fire. Arguably his biggest strength would be his pace in broken play from his highlights vids. He's a workhorse that...
  8. Alan79

    Former Panther Matt Burton

    The media should be happy to label anyone in a dog's jersey a bomber. But not so much if it's in a positive context.
  9. Alan79

    Opinion Would you wait til 2024 if we can get Todd Payten ?

    I tend to lean towards judging after we make signings. Most opinions in here aren't worth squat to the club's decision making process. I'm a bit off the game at present though. Nice that we've had a couple of wins, but the 6 again rule really has me thinking that refs have way too much...
  10. Alan79

    What are some items or places you loved growing up?

    Didn't really matter where it was, if there was a creek I'd be there terrorising the local frog and tadpole population as well as the lizards. Still love natural waterways and terrorise the local fish populations from the comfort of my kayak when I can find the time. My favourite childhood toys...
  11. Alan79

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Finished watching it about 15 minutes ago. Wrapped things up well enough. I don't know what they'd base a second season on aside from potentially helping to set up the resistance network. Unless they decide to send him off on some stand alone adventures like the Mandalorian. But if they do go...
  12. Alan79

    News The Bulldogs in danger of losing sponsor

    I doubt the club is interested in renewing the sponsorship given the fact that Laundy has done little but offer regular criticism of us. Seems like a fairly pointless article. The media don't really want to bring attention to our rise in form. So they've got to be creative to keep finding...
  13. Alan79

    Justin Holbrook

    I honestly think there's a few sides that are just cursed. The Titans despite often having some decent cattle just rarely seem to find form. The Warriors are another team in that boat. So I think that Holbrook might actually have some coaching ability. Another part of me still thinks that the...
  14. Alan79

    Who stars in a movie about the 2022 Bulldogs side?

    If I'd known this movie was being made I'd have taken my shit on the ground instead of in the loo and I'd have been able to earn a fee as the agent for it to play either of the Suttons
  15. Alan79

    Does Baz look at himself and wonder “wow I’m rubbish”

    He might have lacked the vision to turn us into a winning team, but from all reports it wasn't due to a poor work ethic. He's not the first nor will he be the last coach that lacks the ability to make it work, so I'll give him respect for at least trying when others wouldn't touch the club with...