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  1. Kaz

    Kaz Kennel Immortal

    Sep 25, 2006
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    The surgeon found 2 holes in my heart that no one knew about. So he fixed them.

    Surgeon decided I was too young to have a valve replacement so did a repair.

    Operation lasted about 5 hours.

    Was in ICU for about a day, 6 of those hours were waiting for a bed in the cardiac ward.

    I got out of hospital on Monday, 1 week after the operation.
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  2. Steve M

    Steve M Kennel Regular

    Sep 30, 2017
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    I would like to wish all of you ladies and gents on the Kennel a very safe and Merry Christmas. If you are travelling please take it easy.
    To everyone who has contributed, it has been, at times, interesting reading. Not all of it agreeable with everyone but that’s why it’s a forum. So whoever is having time off work, enjoy it and recharge. We have one helluva year in front of us.
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    ASSASSIN The Bearded Crusader Gilded Premium Member The Kennel's Top Poster

    Sep 2, 2012
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    I finally received my Maori heart after a 5 year battle, dying 12 times and spending more time in St Vincent's rather at home.

    This thread isn't for me, this is for the young man (18 at the time) and his family saving me and my family.

    The heart is technically 21 now so I think I have to celebrate lol

    Please if you haven't already, go to https://donatelife.gov.au/ and register. But also talk to your loved ones so they don't block your wish. You don't need your organs where we end up, whether you're a believer or not.

    I've always been a donor and still am today.

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  4. Squash the Berries!

    Squash the Berries! Kennel Enthusiast

    May 27, 2019
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    I know you wont believe me but I have the power to determine what type of a person is according to their avatar! :grinning:

    086 - indistinguishable from the next guy
    2ndphase - biased
    2144superman - leader of a pyramid scheme
    86Gtown – attends flea markets to buy old camera equipment
    Abu Dhabi Dog – still believes in the old gods
    ajay78 - arse licker
    Alan79 - Grows his own dope plants
    albatross - believes in the controversial theory that humans evolved from dogs
    Alex Hunter - either hasn't come out or is pissed and needs help standing up from a mate
    AlzzBulldog - always wears the latest clothes
    Apercots - ex school captain who misses the power he once had and has no friends
    Armchair critic -politiccaly savvy as he sums up todays voters perfectly
    Arthur - the kid who always took his bat home when he got out
    Art Vanderlay – dole bludger who lies about attending job interviews
    ash160 - believes he's popular but doesn't realise people are just taking the piss
    Assassin - not game to say too much as he scares me
    AucklandDog - tough Kiwi who lost a finger in a bar room brawl
    aymz maz – speaks in tongues
    Baby Blues - still wishes he could be breastfeed
    Bad Billy - british who wishes he is as tough as Steve Folkes was
    Baseball Furies - someone not to get pissed with
    Bazildog - not a real bulldog supporter
    beastwood89 - doesn't get along with MR SS
    Belmore - still likes to play with toys
    belmore_utd (another personal favourite) piss poor but great at the same time
    Berries - thinks their Madonna
    Berries1935 - lazy
    BG73 – always likes to take shortcuts
    Big M – has the biggest office at work
    Bigmous - certainly a glass half full person
    Bitemarks - James Graham fan who has forgotten what he looks like
    BlackDawg – depressing to talk to
    BlackJackBulldog - likes it when there is a lot of noise at the ground
    Blue&whiteAxe – favourite film is Braveheart
    Blue & White Dynamite - I want to change the flag to but that's probably not gonna fly
    Bluebody - another possible tech nerd but no one really knows
    bluedog - mean bastard who talks to his toy
    Bluewhiteangel – has a self-perception problem
    blueyedsamurai - Japanese who eats weird shit
    BMOC - happy with one break a season
    Bob dog - not to be trusted
    Bowleggedwog – immigrant who wanted to play footy but just couldn’t run
    Boxer - lets you know who is the boss and takes no shit, not to be messed with
    Bozzo – clown who likes to run over people with a cement truck
    bradyk - still pining over a lost friendship
    bricktamland - been promoted beyond his skills at work
    Bring on Robbo - likes running into a melee and getting involved
    _BT_ - looks like the guy in Spinal Tap
    btrainben - prays everynight that the Dogs can get their hands on the trophy
    bullanth – midget who packs a punch
    Bulldog_NJ – couldn’t afford to live in New York
    Bulldogs09 - buys his clothes from Oxford St for obvious reasons
    BulldogsNRL - traditionalist
    bulldogtimbo - compulsive gambler on goal kickers
    Bull Terrier – no idea what a bulldog is
    BushDog - unemployed and never gets out of his PJ's
    CaptainJackson - one in a long line of captains
    c-b-b - copper who likes flashing his badge
    CBDoggies - likes to look good wearing the latest fashion
    CeeEss - unbalanced individual who doesn't mind dropping a mickey in your drink
    Certified G - likes to show of his bulldogs membership
    Chris_e_fresh – suffers from tourettes syndrome
    Chris Harding - the parent who puts his new born in a doggies jumper
    coach - Phalangist's twin
    Cookieman909 – doesn’t mind the occasional orgy
    Costa84 – likes to boast he only paid $84 for his dog
    Cosmo24 -starry eyed over CHN
    COVENS - member of a secret society that we know little about
    cntrbry bnkstwn – has fallen in love with a legend
    craigo - looks down on those not as cool as him
    Craystar – employed straight out of school, had immediate success but sacked shortly after due to nepotism
    CroydonDog - definitely looks like he lives in Croydon
    Dannyboi88 - stoner with the munchies
    Daustin - thinks he's Captain America
    David Holland - deep throat but leaks are false
    Dawain87 - tranny you could go for after a few beers
    Dawgfather - deformed as a cross between a sheep and donkey
    ddt192 – willing to appear naked to get on tv
    Dean_Pay_Makes_me_Gay - always blaming others
    dekepefc - Dean Pay supporter caught by the Kennel
    Delta - Obsessive compulsive collector of naval fluff
    Dexter35 – unknown serial killer with his own television series
    dhoo8450 - only watches superheroes films
    dingo - attends car rallies to show of his car
    DinkumDog - true Aussie dole bludger who just lies around
    Dirty*Deeds - a back door man
    djdeep4172 –stole South of Heavens dog and is trying to ransom him
    dog 4life - in a same sex relationship with an elder man
    doggieaaron - wants to marry a boxing ring round card holder
    Doggy – member of a club with an extremely small membership
    doggy bill - posts hidden camera sex on pornhub
    Doggystyla – his team always comes from behind
    Dogluva - has a bit of trouble displaying his hatred for his arch rival
    Doggone1975 - pissed off with his weird looking pet
    Dogna88 - wants to be remembered as a cute baby
    Dognacious - aggressive son of a bitch
    Dogs2004 - cheap skate
    Dogs_92 – only ever rented weekly videos never new releases from his local Blockbuster
    Dogs Of War – has two mongrel kids
    Dogsville - scruffy looking lout who started many a fight in the 70's and 80's
    Dog Till I Die - if you're in the picture it wont be long
    Dogtime - tries too hard to be cool
    dogwhisperer – employed by the Dogs to mentor troubled players
    Doomsdaydog - has a rivalry with Boxer for control
    DublinDogg - simple Irishman
    DT – his work is trying to sack him due to the number of sick days he has
    D- voice – believes he is the voice of reason on all matters
    Ecca - 5 year old
    El_Magic – always calls people by the wrong name
    ElMagicElMasri - wants people to ensure they know his favourite band is Headless Chickens
    El Padrino – from Melbourne south of the border
    enoughsaid - best described as a colourless character
    FaceBreaker - should be called contract breaker or heart breaker
    Fear.The.Roo - like a big red,scary as hell
    finchie - favourite game is hangman
    Fingal Bay - lives at Mt Druitt but his facebook page says Bondi
    fiordog - two faced
    flamebouyant - dogs fan who wishes he was a tigers fan
    Freakzilla - has a high opinion of his uniqueness
    froggy - likes to share in others glory
    FZ1-S - always fighting with his wife so is prepared when told to piss off
    Gabe – can’t decide what religion his is
    _G-Dog_ - always secretly wanted to be in a same sex relationship with a pommy
    G_Dog_Rota - still has his first Scalextric Slot Car racing set and looks the spitting image of _G-Dog_
    Gareth - rarely seen but in the same Satanist worshipping underground group as Ted Nü-Djent
    gazza - enjoys watching repeats of black and white movies
    GoTheDoggies - likes scoring at the nightclub
    Gubanaculum - not happy with his nickname "egghead"
    Grechy21 - instead of looking down a womans top he looks down at her face
    GreenTurd – his mother kept his first ever shit
    GrogDog - pisshead who likes talking about the 80's to his team of mates at the bar
    Grunthos – known as the Elephant Man from Narrabeen
    habs - needs to discuss a few issues with Bob dog
    Hacky McAxe - heavy metal serial killer
    halfcast – only wants one side of his body tattooed.
    Halserhasworms – always states the obvious
    Hansta – cross dresser who will jump at the chance to pick up a drunk who can’t tell the difference
    hayes - has a hip way of saying hello
    haytchcbb - wears what he likes and doesn't follow trends
    haz123 – always goes to the pub but never buys a beer
    Headmix - porn star with an eye for a fancy car
    Heckler - vocal smartass
    Horse - believes he's hung
    Hulk76 - attends movie premiers in characters costumes
    ibby – has a large collection of childrens books
    Indiandog - the kid at school that nobody liked
    Interstingg – took his employer to the cleaners and gloats about it
    JabbatheMutt - got a dog because it looked like Terry Lamb
    JackDog - best friends with Assassin
    James zac - likes to position himself at the ground to ensure he is seen on tv
    jasonsmith11 - unlike Mark Waugh is as talented as his brother
    JayBee - living in the past
    Jean-Claude Juncker - used to be loved but now hated
    JORDZILLA – has a collection of those toys you used to get in cereal boxes and from those machines you put 20 cents in and turn the knob and receive a childrens toy
    jof - Tasmanian
    jpneves - sorry not enough to work with
    JUNKYARD DOGS - member of an outlawed MC club
    Just Dogs - I would cross the street to avoid him and never make eye contact plus holds a grudge
    kalauh8123 – alcoholic
    Kaz - lost
    K E - gay yank or shithouse artist
    Kelpie03 – likes to pick up sheep for obvious reasons
    Kennelnator -No one knows where he is from
    Kenya - favourite players were, Hickey, Eastwood & Kasiano
    Kingrose - smartarse from the States
    Kip Drordy – can be found at the park at the south end of town
    KiwiDog7 - just sits around waiting for a fight
    Kiwipup - everyones little cousin
    KLil - celebrates too early
    KoolDavid – not as cool as he thinks
    kungfuman - inner city hillbilly
    Kurrupt78 - one of those players who think they can make it in the corrupt sport of Gridiron
    Legend23 – only ever fights in a pack never one on one
    Liljonhny – was the ultimate ruler for a decade before being assassinated by his own family
    LoneWolf - no wonder when you dress like that
    Love_Dog - likes to party with the locals in Singapore
    magdog - can only read about the dogs in magazines as he in Liverpool and is hated by Spurs fans including me
    Malla - has never been told the truth, you can't rap
    maroondog72 - employed as a talent scout for the Sharks but only ever finds reserve graders
    MastaDogg - clever designer but mixes with the wrong crowd
    Matilida - cranky old bastard with a sweet name
    MattyB - worried about getting a parking fine
    Maxhardcore - member of a Jewish metal band
    Megatron_dog - thinks his son is the next Shaun Johnson
    Merimbula Man - was moving to Victoria to live, but car broke down on the way and decided to saty
    Mike Z – last in line of everybody called mike
    Minix - still living in the 80's
    Mitch Connor - always in the background and hard to distinguish
    Moedogg - strange creature from PNG
    Moey - popular and willing to please
    MountMontoya – no thanks rushes and comes too fast
    Mozzie - has a you tube channel where they walk around with a sign "free hugs" and secretly records peoples reaction
    Mr 95% - innocent as he doesn't care if he is identified
    Mr Invisible - solo achiever
    MR SS - uncontactable on Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Christmas day but willing to talk to you any other day
    Mr. Ditkovich - always blames you for dropping a fart due to his great sense of smell
    Mumma - female child abductor
    N4TE - drug dealer
    Nabsolutely Fabulous - always turns up at the wrong ground but still cheers loudly
    Nano - owns a billionth share in an artistic masterpiece
    Nasheed - his boss doesn't talk to him
    Nate Dawg – doesn’t like Tongans
    Neil Peart - always behind the front men of the same Satanist worshipping underground group as Ted Nü-Dent
    Nexus - could ruin his reputation due to a sex tape
    no1bulldog - nothing but a dickhead who's in charge
    Noeasyday – likes to celebrate wins at little athletics
    NPC83 - artist who tries but just isn't very good
    obje - favourite position is missionary
    Ogre - unhappy when there no fight
    oldpuppy - lies about his age
    off-tap-robbie- believes all you need to do is drink beer from the tap to become a legend
    Osterley - I’m sure I saw this guy on a show about pommies who move to Australia for a better life only to find he could only afford to live in the outback
    ouwet - gets excited watching the Dogs
    Packstar - no matter where you are you will always find a pissed Irishman
    Papa Joe - old dude with a modern tattoo
    Phalangist - a well-respected legend not forgotten
    Piggy – displays gluttonous behaviour at the dinner table
    pijk - likes to hang around toilets
    pillow - lets his dog sleep in the bed with him
    pisssst - tries to prove he is the Dogs biggest supporter
    Pound Hounds – drinks at an Irish pub for people with low IQ’s
    Punchbowl Dog - old timer who likes to pull out photos and show you the good old days
    Qld-Dog – bit of a joker
    Raikkonen – never given the credit for being the real brains behind the company business
    rainman - strange person who loves them self
    Raysie - Korean boy band member trying to make it in London
    raz7au - went on a bender and woke up with a tattoo
    Realist90 - knows he so ugly so he won't show his face in public
    RockieDog – classic toolie who attends schoolies every tear
    Rodziilla - sex fiend
    Rothanaa – favourite show is Cheers
    roy18 - considers himself the leader of the pack
    rwalker99 – competitive and always wants to have the best Christmas lights in the street
    s-704 – still collects footy cards but only for the chewie
    S.B.W_Jnr - money hungry traitor who loves himself
    sberry - maniac who doesn't care if you see him pick his nose in public
    Scooby - wanted a bulldog but got a boxer
    Scorpio - always obvious and will never surprise you until your stung for a $50 loan
    Stuart Thomas - self promoter
    seven07 – hasn’t worked out what channel the footy is on
    Shanked - dangerous Asian pommy who carries a shiv
    sheep dog – not very good at his job
    Shnissss – snakey type of person
    silva – always able to sidestep the law
    sgodllubsti - a vicious mongrel
    Skidz – didn’t quite make it to the dunny
    SKY-DOG - likes boosting on facebook how great his life is
    slydog - is not worried about admitting he is fat
    Smirrors - has sponge painted his entire house
    Slovenia Steve – comes from a country where this is considered white water kayaking
    Snake - hasn't outgrown childrens dress up parties
    Snowman – I really like this guy as he like me believes one day it will happen
    Some doggies supporter - a snake in the grass
    south of heaven - (personal favourite) so politically incorrect
    SoulCrusher – visitor who you expected to stay overnight but ends up never leaving
    SPEARTAKVIDREFS – deformed Zulu who kills tribal chiefs
    speedy2460 - follows grid iron but calls it rugby league
    Spoonman84 - first to start a fight and not afraid to pull out a weapon to end it
    spscand – not too sure about this guy but lives in St George so maybe that explains it
    Spudowsky - owns a Rebel Sports Store up the coast
    Squash the Berries! – likes to take the piss
    steeliz - blew so much cigar smoke in his dogs face it died of lung cancer
    Steve 1700 - no longer has a team so has jumped onto the dogs forum
    Straight18 -looks gay but isn't and feels need to prove it
    Sue - willing to let an 100 year old make the decisions
    superman75 – tends to overate himself
    Surfdog – dogs fan living in Bondi who’s afraid to show his true colours in public
    SweetFA – knows absolutely nothing about anything
    Sword - likes swashbuckling films in 3D
    Taboo - tattoos himself and follows any old dog
    TalDog - ugly but tries to look cute
    Teddybear – always wanted to be a ventriloquist (like myself)
    Ted Nü-Djent - Satanist worshipper in an underground group
    The_Chimpster - thinks he's immortal and has a weird laugh
    The Dominator - thought he saw a bulldog in the clouds but had taken too many drugs
    the hound - throwback who just discovered the wheel
    The Innovator – owns a marketing company whose client sells a new anti-aging cream
    The Pedigree - boasts abouts his relatives arriving on the first fleet
    tonee - was good once
    top-dog - you will have a fight on your hands claiming the title
    Trafford10 - addicted to pornhub 24 hours a day
    Trendsetter - tech nerd
    Tuffers - kinky and honest
    Turvey Chip and Chase – always last to attend the meeting because he is receiving instructions from the boss
    TwinTurbo - likes to be heard
    Typical dog - he and his best mate seek revenge on the opposition when the Dogs lose
    UndeadShadowMan - peeping tom
    Vegny – vegan who has lost so much weight they can no longer be seen
    Vek – sells power tools for a living
    Velk - has a picture at home of dogs playing pool
    Vlasnik - confused Russian who thinks he's Scottish
    w00t - likes to remember past warriors who fought well in battles
    Wahesh - enjoys a g-string, my sort of guy
    Wayne Rooney - confused and catches the train to the wrong station
    Wendog33 – not too sure but perhaps a self-described ugly 33 year old women called Wendy
    Wenger – a Frenchman who attended swap meets until he found the legendary childrens toy used by supermarkets as a marketing gimmick
    Where's Pea? -drug addict
    Wolfmother - someone I wouldn't buy a drink for at a pub as I might do the wrong thing
    Xander- likes the party with the boys
    XR6T - grows his nails to pick his nose
    xreedmatic - ex mate who moved to NYC
    yearofthedog - a dogs breakfast as I cant make it out
    zappa - always trippin out

    Sorry if I left you out, I know the truth hurts but please don't take offence.

    I could also be full of shit and have no special power.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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  5. Kaz

    Kaz Kennel Immortal

    Sep 25, 2006
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    Hi Everyone,

    Don’t fall over in horror that I’m back! I’m sure you were all hoping that I’d gone from the kennel for good!!

    But you can’t keep a thoroughbred down for too long.

    I don’t know how much you’ve heard about my absence but I’ll try to explain as best as I can.

    I underwent open heart surgery in August and even though I was scared shitless, it wasn’t as bad as what the sook Jeff Fenech pretends it was.

    He had similar op as me only they found two holes in the upper chamber of my heart and I didn’t cry once like he did!

    I had a mitral valve repair.

    And I bet that Mick Jagger didn’t cry over the same op either!

    When I got out a few days later I went to the chemist to get my medication and the female chemist was ‘lovely enough’ to give me the wrong dose of Warfarin.

    Instead of giving me 1½mgs she gave me 4mgs and I bled internally & was in absolute agony but I still didn’t cry like Fenech!

    I was readmitted to hospital again where they did a CT scan & found a 6cm cyst on my pancreas. They discharged me 6 days later without any further medical intervention.

    I went to my GP and insisted on getting another CT Scan because I was still in agony and just as well I did because the cyst had doubled its size to 12cm!

    I was readmitted to hospital again and I underwent THE WORST HELL you could imagine.

    They operated and found that the cyst had latched onto almost ever organ and as well as removing the cyst they had to remove ½ my pancreas/ my spleen/part of my large bowel and an adrenal gland! AND I still didn’t cry like Fenech!

    The 2nd op was 2 hours longer than the heart operation. The Pancreas op was to take about 2 hours, but went for 5 hours.

    Even though they took part of my bowel I can still talk shit just like you guys!

    All up I have lost about 12kg, I am now 49kg, but at one stage was 47kg.

    ATM, I look like a skeleton with skin.

    Thanks to everyone that have thought about me.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2020
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    ASSASSIN The Bearded Crusader Gilded Premium Member The Kennel's Top Poster

    Sep 2, 2012
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    Hey family, tomorrow is my debut as a coach and Tank Jnr's debut as a player for the Merrylands Maulers.

    This is Tank Jnr's first step to his Dogs, NSW and Australia jersey... and my first step to coaching the Dogs lol

    I'll give you a run down tomorrow.
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  7. tonee

    tonee Administrator Staff Member Gilded

    Aug 4, 2007
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    Some might have read that my wife recently had a baby boy.

    He’s now 10 weeks old and the newest Dogs supporter, although his shit is still parra colours yellow, he bleeds blue and white.


    To all the parents here. What an amazing feeling.

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  8. flamebouyant

    flamebouyant Kennel Addict

    Sep 27, 2016
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    A while back there was a discussion about something I cant seem to recall, and I was talking about a bar table I was making from a timber slab and a number of people were interested in the project.

    After several hours of planning and sanding I finally had my beautiful slab of raintree ready to be sealed. Unfortunately the slab was only about 14 months old, so I was not able to finish is with a varnish coating as the shrinking process which takes place as the timber ages would have caused the varnish to crack. So instead I gave it about 10 coats of linseed oil which will soak in nicely and protect the timber until i can safely expect it to no longer shrink. At this point i will coat it with a high gloss varnish.

    The next step was to make the framework to hold the slab of timber. I used 70mm round steel for the 3 vertical poles, and 30mm x 2mm square steel for the horizontal pieces. All the welding and steel was then given a couple of coats of zinc spray to protect from rust, and 4 coats of hemmertone grey paint t to finish off.

    I have finally finished my project, and I have to say I'm very happy with the result. It will be even better once I can finally give it a good lick of varnish in the future.

    What do you think guys?? resizedtableimage3.jpeg resizedtableimage1.jpeg resizedtableimage2.jpeg
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  9. Kaz

    Kaz Kennel Immortal

    Sep 25, 2006
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    Tomorrow is operation day.

    Operation is around 1pm, op should go for 4-6 hours. Hopefully quicker.

    So I won't be posting for awhile.

    Thanks for all the laughter & arguments.

    Whether I love or dislike some of you, most of you have been a strength to me & thanks for all the good wishes.

    I will try to keep people updated & if they wish to let you know my progress they will.

    Take care everyone & remember family comes first.

    Just one last thing, I know deep down the Mighty Brisbane Broncos are your 2nd team. :laughing:

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  10. Legend23

    Legend23 Kennel Enthusiast

    Jun 5, 2014
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    April fools
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  11. The_Chimpster

    The_Chimpster Kennel Addict

    Mar 12, 2015
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    This looks like a rejected blue balls thread
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  12. south of heaven

    south of heaven Kennel Immortal Premium Member

    Mar 6, 2014
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    Not that ,the dude has dedicated many of years on the kennel he is loyal as fuck hopefully he will be back
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  13. FaceBreaker

    FaceBreaker Kennel Immortal

    Sep 10, 2007
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    Nz Muslim here living in Auckland.

    I’m hurting brothers, I’m hurting bad.

    Stupidly I went to watch the video as soon as I heard about this to see what race the shooter was.

    Now I’ve seen some messed up videos on the net but this is the one video I wished I never watched.

    It’s going to take me a while to get this out of my head. Those brothers going to pray and not going home.

    Honestly we troll and gee up each other up on this site but this shit is something else.

    Stay strong brothers.
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  14. Alan79

    Alan79 Kennel Immortal

    Mar 10, 2007
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    I've been in quarantine for a week. I'm not bored yet, but I am baffled about why one bag of rice holds 7654 grains while another holds 7432 grains.
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    ASSASSIN The Bearded Crusader Gilded Premium Member The Kennel's Top Poster

    Sep 2, 2012
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    Just to put it in perspective, because of my donor, I have celebrated...

    3 Easters
    3 Christmases
    3 NYE's
    6 of my kids birthdays
    3 of my own birthdays
    3 years above ground with my family and friends

    I wouldn't of had them if it wasn't for a caring young man and his understanding family.
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  16. Mr Invisible

    Mr Invisible Banned

    Apr 26, 2008
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    What?? :D .... there's nothing technically incorrect...

    There are Holbrook signs, and Bulldogs are with them.
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  17. Kaz

    Kaz Kennel Immortal

    Sep 25, 2006
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    Had my usual 2 year echocardiogram (Echo) just January.

    Went for the results on 11th Feb.

    Not great news.

    I have to get the mitral valve repaired or replaced.

    Seeing as I don't have Private Health Insurance, I have to go on the wait list in the Public Hospital.

    Going back to the cardiologist on 2nd April.

    Have been put on blood thinning tablets. To see if that helps, or it's so I don't have a stroke.

    When the Dr mentioned heart operation, I went into shock & went conveniently deaf. lol

    I could see the Drs lips moving, but heard nothing. :laughing:

    I have had trouble breathing lately, but thought it was the QLD heat affecting me.

    Will be asking heaps of questions when I see the Dr on the 2nd April.

    I am allergic to pain, so may ask to be put into an induced coma for a week or two after the operation.

    I should find out what category I am. I am assuming it will be Category 1 – Urgent (30 day wait) or Category 2 – Semi urgent. (90 day wait)

    Apart from that, I am fighting fit.
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  18. Mr Invisible

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    Apr 26, 2008
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    @south of heaven @Sir Col "THE MU @ASSASSIN @dogluva

    Just made this up in 10 minutes.


    When you joined us in July 15,
    I didnt know how to feel.
    An imposter on the forum,
    a dirty slimey eel.

    But this Drop Bear was different,
    not here to cause a scene.
    But take two rival forums,
    and build bridges in between.

    Your kind and caring nature,
    distanced you far from a troll.
    And you cared more for another,
    despite your own health toll.

    And never once a warning,
    appeared upon your file.
    We knew behind that screen though,
    you would always crack a smile.

    As you always would remind us,
    of the Eels Dog aftermath.
    And in exchange we'd offer up,
    a nice Castle sponge bath.

    You fought the fight for so long,
    but sadly in the end.
    You left us not a member,
    but a truly treasured friend.

    Your legacy in history,
    on the forum White and Blue,
    This poem as a tribute,
    Pete, we will all greatly miss you.

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    ASSASSIN The Bearded Crusader Gilded Premium Member The Kennel's Top Poster

    Sep 2, 2012
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    Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry CHRISTmas to everyone. God bless you all and your loved ones.

    This will be the 7th Christmas I shouldn't be having
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  20. Sir Col 'The Mushroom'

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    The family requested this news not be broadcast until they had contacted family overseas and around the country.

    To all of the people that have been praying and sending their wishes, my family and I would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks. It has been a really hard time for us all since Dad got sick, and unfortunately he lost his battle on 31st August 2016. Our family are both devastated and exhausted after giving Dad 24 hour care since his release from hospital last week. While we have attempted to contact as many people as we could directly, I realise that due to unforeseen events, that some of his friends and family have been made aware of his passing in a much less personal and callous way. I apologise to anyone who had to hear this news over facebook. It was not my intention, but this decision was taken out of my hands when people started to post facebook messages about what had happened. I have deleted and untagged as many posts as I can, but this is another strain that I feel should not be placed on my family or myself at this time. In order to prevent further distress, I have decided to post this tonight for anyone who is not yet aware. I don't believe that anyone meant any harm, it is just unfortunate that people did not wait long enough for us to contact everyone before expressing themselves on facebook. Please don't be offended if you have received this news over Facebook rather than a phone call. It was not intentional.
    Dad's funeral details will be announced in the QT newspaper next week on Tuesday, or if you would rather, you can contact me by personal message if you wish to attend. Once again, my family extends their heartfelt thanks for all the prayers and support we have received to date. I know Dad also appreciated hearing the messages that were left for him by friends. He was a wonderful man to many, a devoted husband to his wife, a fun and lively Pop to his grandchildren, a loving father to myself and my siblings and a dependable and caring friend to so, so many people. He will be greatly missed.
    From Holly Elliott.

    Perhaps it is fitting that this news should reach you all on Jersey Day - the day when we recognise the importance of Organ Donation - the day when we remember the remarkable young 13 yo Nathan Gremmo whose donated organs went to six recipients who are alive today due to his commitment to other people and the courage of his parents to ensure his wishes were upheld.

    Peter needed a Kidney transplant to survive, but unfortunately it was never to be.

    Nathan Gremmo is known for one quote - which I feel was written for Peter as well.


    Peter was a great advocate for Organ Donor Awareness and was the instigator of an effort to have one NRL round each year dedicated to Organ Donor Awareness

    We will do everything in our power to finish his work and bring this dream to fruition.

    In the meantime check out http://www.jerseyday.com.au/index.html and do whatever seems right to you.
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