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  1. Mitch Connor

    Mitch Connor Super Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 26, 2005
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    New players in the 20's squad are:
    • Tyrone Taukamo from Manly Jersey Flegg.
    • Declan Casey from Sharks SG Ball.
    • Maleke Morris from Raiders SG Ball.
    • Murray Sua from St George SG Ball.
    • Kurtis Morrin from Balmain SG Ball.
    • Christian Urso from Magpies SG Ball.
    • Paul Karaitiana, Devontai Seumanutafa, Billy Mozer and Seb Winters-Chang from Keebra Park.
    • Aiden Aue, Cheyne Morris-Taualofa and Jacob Taupau from Mt Albert in NZ.
    • Nic Booth from Bathurst St Pats.
    • Ulysses Semisi is a member of the Bulldogs HPU from NZ.
    • Uala Salia was signed for the 2018 season but never featured.
    • Zac Rumble (SG Ball) from Cootamundra Bulldogs.
    • Josh Broad and Cooper Lewis are unknowns atm.
    Kytak Chan, Austin Dias, Amosa Manu, Corey Matthews, Alvin Maungaati, Malachi Morgan, Giordan Patea, Sam Radovu, John Salatielu, Dalton Smith, Pule Sua, Reuben Taylor and Spike Teio are yet to be confirmed if they are still at the club.
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  2. NYCDB

    NYCDB New Pup

    Apr 10, 2016
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    Hi guys,

    The Bulldogs sent me their Flegg summer squad and I thought you guys might be interested. They said I could post it on my site so it should be fine to post here as well. I'll post the screenshot because I'm not sure if I can attach an Excel file.

    The squad includes "triallists and SG Ball players training up with the 20s till Christmas".

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  3. Spoonman84

    Spoonman84 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 1, 2013
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    Ryan Gray, Peni Teaupa and Matt Doorey all got selected for Australian Schoolboys
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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