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  1. Izzy Forreal

    Izzy Forreal Much Loved Bulldogs Member Gilded x2 Premium Member Gilded

    Jul 19, 2011
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    I've followed the Bulldogs since 1962; that is 55 seasons. And bloody hell, there have been plenty of lows but they were eclipsed by the highs. It was reading Papa Het's post: "A large proportion of once loyal fans have given up on the team". Having read it through I thought "Yeah. Fuck it. I'm outta here".

    There are two reasons for this.

    The first is that I'm totally fed up with the ad nauseam display of tonight's error ridden incompetence from a side coached by a one syllable moron, plus the low life refereeing. The second is that I have terminal cancer and according to the experts I'll be at the checkout around October this year.

    Its not the cancer I'm bitching about, I've copped that sweet. But Geez, I need more than the Bulldogs to bring positives into my life and I discovered that its not the Aussie cricket team either. Maybe I'll take on my wife at ping pong.

    So farewell and all the best to you Kennelers who are left. We may yet see a modern miracle with the Bulldogs raising the Provan-Summons Trophy on Grand Final day.:)
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  2. beaudean

    beaudean Participant

    Dec 5, 2016
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    [​IMG] my daughters first jersey
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  3. estoniapuppidog

    estoniapuppidog New Member

    Mar 27, 2018
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  4. Downtowndog

    Downtowndog Forum Regular

    Oct 6, 2016
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    Sorry but the only person(s) shitting on the club is individuals like yourself, who have been giving it all year to Turvey & Baa for voicing their opinions in regards to Hasler.

    To think that a Dogs "supporter" would stick by a Manly scumbag who does not give a flying fuck about Canterbury, over club legends who have bled for this great club over the decades is absolutely shameful, disgraceful and disrespectful.

    Talking shit is individuals like yourself who have no pride and respect for Canterbury
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  5. Bakes

    Bakes The REAL Bakes

    Apr 5, 2004
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    2004 El Masri 342 points.

    2017 Bulldogs 208 points so far, 9 games to go. It's gonna be close!

    Yes, this is how bad we have become!!!!!
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2017
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  6. Freakzilla

    Freakzilla Immortal

    Jun 18, 2010
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    We bag the player when they do bad so they deserve credit when they do good.

    My cousin has a brain tumor and Reynolds and Morris went to his house and spent time with him. Great touch by the players.
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  7. Juicydog

    Juicydog Forum Regular

    Oct 8, 2016
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    Hasler is one slimy arrogant muthafucker.

    The wanker has no respect for fans whatsoever.

    He was asked why he persisted with Tony Williams and the arrogant prick just smirked and offered no explanation.

    No issues with Mbye & Lichaa - they are improving and there is nothing wrong with our style of play. Too much drop ball and uncompleted sets dont allow us to execute our attacking style.

    Lichaa is here to stay along with our style of play

    Blah blah blah blah blah.....Bullshit

    This was a PR stunt handpicking a large amount of Dib puppets and questions.

    I was against the boycott, but after witnessing that cunt Hasler tonight smirking and smoke coming out of his ears when asked about his love child Lichaa & Williams, he along with Dib deserve every single backlash from all circles of media and fans.

    The cunt doesnt give two shits about the club and i will persist on him leaving, on a daily basis until the cunt is gone along with Dibshit.

    Dibshit and Hasbeen Out
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  8. maroondog72

    maroondog72 Kennel Enthusiast Gilded

    Apr 6, 2017
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    Des and Qld dog retire to the country to continue the romance in wedded bliss after yes vote in gay marriage plebiscite
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  9. Nexus

    Nexus Super Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 18, 2006
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    The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have agreed to part company with Head Coach Des Hasler effective immediately.

    The club informed Hasler that they felt that it was in the best interests of both parties if the club moved forward under the direction of another Head Coach.

    Hasler, has been at the Bulldogs since 2012 and coached them for six seasons.

    Bulldogs Chairman Ray Dib spoke about the decision:

    “Today, I informed Des Hasler and his management of our decision to pursue a new Head Coach for our Club, effective immediately.

    The heads of agreement reached with Des Hasler for an extension of his contract were non-binding and a decision has been made not to renew his contract for next year.

    "These types of conversations are never easy, especially when they involve people we respect personally and professionally, however, the Club believes the decision to change our football leadership was absolutely necessary.

    “The Club will now begin its search for a new Head Coach and will provide further information once that process has been completed.”
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2017
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  10. Boxer

    Boxer THE BOSS Gilded

    Mar 31, 2015
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    Did you know that des hand picked this team?
    Said no to Munster,
    Said no Latrell ,
    Let go off barba, Pritchard, funucain and keept T-Rex.
    Des also said tolman is the best forward in the game,
    How about almost killing the careers of Mbye and Lichaa?
    And stats everything was about stats and not play what’s infront of you.

    YEAH YOUR RIGHT WE WERE WRONG ABOUT DES :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: , please stay of the drugs .
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  11. Nexus

    Nexus Super Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 18, 2006
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    Good dude, no bitching, no moaning, understandably upset however knows it's the nature of the beast.

    Some supporters on here can learn a thing or 2 from him
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  12. Indiandog

    Indiandog Immortal Gilded

    Oct 2, 2012
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    for all the rubbish i threw at him all these years, when infact now it is clear as day that what a valuable player you could have been , had your game not been killed by the imposter coach.

    I sincerely appologise.

    who else wants to join me.
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  13. Bad Billy

    Bad Billy Immortal

    Jan 25, 2010
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  14. KLil

    KLil Kennel Addict

    Aug 5, 2011
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    Foran is 10/10 for me this season... Its the wankers around him that don't know how to run lines or ruin his work in straightening attack lines by stopping, propping and passing then running towards the sideline.
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  15. Samiken

    Samiken PIITB

    Jul 14, 2011
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    No thanks. He'd probably try and fuck our mascot
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  16. mike_Nolan17

    mike_Nolan17 Participant

    Mar 13, 2017
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    Bulldogs hooker Michael Lichaa says playing State of Origin for NSW would be just the tonic he needs to find form again.

    The rarely visible number 9 made the comments whilst watching a NSW Cup game from the bench and wearing his coveted number 33 jersey.

    “Clearly regular footy is not the sport for me so maybe rep footy is where I need to be,” Lichaa said.

    “I’m sure just hanging around quality players would rub off on me and it would also allow me to learn the finer points of the game like running and passing.”

    NSW Coach Laurie Daley was contacted for comment a short time ago regarding Lichaa’s chances.

    “What’s a Lichaa?” Daley asked.

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  17. Hristos

    Hristos Waterboy

    Oct 19, 2016
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    7th Tackle: Why Turvey deserted the Bulldogs

    There was also plenty of pantomime high up in the grandstand, where Bulldogs powerbrokers watched aghast at what should have been the club’s most embarrassing defeat in years.

    In fact, some simply refused to risk witnessing it. Around 10 minutes into the second half, when Newcastle grabbed the lead, arguably the greatest Bulldog of them all – Steve Mortimer – left the ground.

    “I just couldn’t keep watching,” he told us. “It was upsetting me too much.”

    Mortimer (R) with fellow Canterbury great Terry Lamb. Image: Getty
    The scoreboard wasn’t the source of Mortimer’s pain. Instead, it was the team’s inability to post points. For one of the most gifted playmakers of his generation, it was too much to bear.

    “We just didn’t create anything on their try line,” Mortimer said. “There was no set plays, no moves to create space on the outside.”
    Mortimer left so early that he arrived home in time to watch the final five minutes from his lounge room.

    “It was great they got the win, and great for Josh Reynolds to leave Belmore a winner,” Mortimer said. “I was very happy for him. But there are a lot of issues that the final scoreboard hid.”

    Mortimer (R) in his heyday. Image: Getty
    Mortimer stood down from the club’s board late last year after a public critique of coach Des Hasler.

    Hasler cannot defend the team’s attack – the worst in the NRL. But he is satisfied with its defence, which ranks seventh. What’s more, the Bulldogs have conceded more tries from kicks than any other team, meaning their line is particularly difficult to breach.

    Hasler believes just one more try per game would make all the difference. As demonstrated in the opening 20 minutes of Sunday’s game, the Bulldogs are creating enough chances. They just aren’t making the right choices to capitalise.
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  18. Godberts

    Godberts Kennel Enthusiast

    May 10, 2012
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    Probably another 5 year extension
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  19. CroydonDog

    CroydonDog Immortal Gilded

    Aug 1, 2012
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    From Club:

    Michael Lichaa to Rejoin the Pack!
    The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have today announced the re-signing of hooker Michael Lichaa, for a further two years.

    Head Coach, Dean Pay was delighted that the club had been able to retain Lichaa: "Having worked with Michael at junior representative level, I know what a talented footballer he is. We are extremely pleased that we have been able to extend Michael's time here at Belmore and I'm looking forward to seeing him back with the club. He will be an important part of our forward strength next year."
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  20. Mr 95%

    Mr 95% Immortal Gilded

    Apr 13, 2013
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    I can't believe it's over, the Board voted for it to last,
    But now it's the end of September and the time for Des is past.
    Most of the Doggies fans are rejoicing..it's the end of the evil dictator they cry,
    The coach who changed it all..and saw the Dogs attack shrivel up and die.

    So how did all this happen..cause it wasn't always so,
    There was a time at Belmore when he was greeted, with a warm and fuzzy glow.
    Heck he took the Blue and Whites to a Grand Final, in the first year he was there,
    He revolutionised their forward play, he was a breath of fresh air.

    But the seeds to his demise were probably sewn in that first Grand Final,
    That coaching master from down south completely out coached his rival.
    He set up a game plan that stopped the Dally M winner in his tracks,
    All Dessie did was look on, and did nothing to alter his team's attacks.

    This would be a recurring dream, a nightmare is probably more like it,
    No matter what was happening out on the field, Hasler had a game plan and he stuck by it.
    To the press he'd talk about all the completion rates and present all the stats,
    But in the end it only made sense, to the people in tinfoil hats.

    And then he got rid of him, Ennis, the heart and soul of the team,
    A guy who had led the boys and who wanted to stay it seems.
    He went on to take a premiership, with the boys from the Shire,
    His skill in attack was reignited, the man was literally on fire.

    To replace him Des recruited a young Sharkies Hooker with a reputation so high,
    But in the three years he was in the Kennel he delivered nothing but a sigh.
    A funny thing happened though, right at the end,
    The boy turned it around and started to run again.

    And this is why the fans were rejoicing at the news they'd seen Hasler's back,
    They wanted a coach who changed his plans and not just work the stat.
    The players he had were good enough to earn a premiership ring,
    He just didn't wanna to change his plans, not one single thing.

    So who will be the new coach..is a question all the fans will ask,
    Who will take up the challenge, who's willing to take on the task.
    Whoever it is must surely know when they listen to the fans roar,
    It's time to start again and bring back the 'Dogs of War'!
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