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  1. Dognacious
    If you want dreams to come true, wake up!
  2. Legend23
    Legend23 Indiandog
    Come back already!
  3. Dognacious
    Dognacious Kennel Test Account
    Testing things like the signup process, receiving messages and emails from the Kennel staff, for non staff accounts (most people here). Also for future member experience testing.
  4. Roll the Bones
    Roll the Bones
    RIP Neil Peart 1952 - 2020
  5. NPC83
    NPC83 Frank
    Hey mate hang in there and just keep posting if you have information. Somethings come true some don’t.

    I’ve been in the kennel 6-7months and I had a bully call me out my first post and we went back and forward for a bit lol... don’t worry just enjoy it.. that’s what a forum is for to post.

  6. Mr 95%
    Mr 95%
  7. Ant2611
    I hate the off season
  8. utility half
    utility half
    Utility is “Not a c***” - COVENS
  9. Merimbula Man
    ASSASSIN Foxer
    Great win from Pay last night, his tactics won it for us
  11. Dogsville
    Just out of Dogsville
  12. Dingo
    Favourite Player = Terry Lamb
  13. Vlasnik
  14. GrogDog
    Assume they are doing nothing until proven wrong!
  15. halfcast
    5 rounds of disappointment to go
  16. Where's Pea?
    Where's Pea?
    Instagram Influenza
  17. Squash the Berries!
    Squash the Berries!
    Giving all I got before moving on
  18. Doomsdaydog
    I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse
  19. skengdo.67
    skengdo.67 ajay78
    teo is gifted and paul is a beast im being told we have a better version of jamal idris coming up the grades big strong quick and african levi osei have you heard of him?
  20. Midnight