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New Profile Posts

  1. Dingo
    Favourite Player = Terry Lamb
  2. Vlasnik
  3. GrogDog
    Assume they are doing nothing until proven wrong!
  4. halfcast
    5 rounds of disappointment to go
  5. Where's Pea?
    Where's Pea?
    Instagram Influenza
  6. Squash the Berries!
    Squash the Berries!
    Giving all I got before moving on
  7. Doomsdaydog
    I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse
  8. skengdo.67
    skengdo.67 ajay78
    teo is gifted and paul is a beast im being told we have a better version of jamal idris coming up the grades big strong quick and african levi osei have you heard of him?
  9. Midnight
  10. WolfmanAmadeus
    Born and Bred in Bega. They make em tough in the country.
  11. S.B.W_Jnr
    Bro keep it to yourself or we will screw it up.
  12. BulldogsNRL
    Go The Doggies even though we’re shit!
  13. skengdo.67
    skengdo.67 diddly
    iv been watching the u15s a lot of potential in the milprea colts side paul alamoti ,lisiate tupou,levi.osei ,iverson teo, and etc played really well any of these players signed
    1. diddly
      not sure - hopefully they get the development and encouragement they need
      May 22, 2019
  14. AlzzBulldog
  15. kungfuman
    if you cheer for more than one team you don't have a team go doggies
  16. AlphaPapaBravo
    "The trophy of supremacy goes to the blue and whites of Canterbury" Ray Warren '04'
  17. Shelly Brown
    Shelly Brown
    Never pretend, always be true to urself..even if it isn't what people want to hear.
  18. haz123
    haz123 south of heaven
    Yeah after 12 years they do wear thin, I try to treat them how they treat me but it does get hard at times.
    But hey the money's good.
    1. south of heaven
      south of heaven
      Yeah fucking oath i should of done that when i was a young fella or joined the navy
      Feb 17, 2019
  19. Phalangist
    Phalangist Steve M
    Hey mate feb last year you said you could help me become a member,what ever happened to that? I go no email or phone call from anyone
  20. haz123
    haz123 south of heaven
    Not very often, Once works done I'm out of there bit of a shit hole.
    1. south of heaven
      south of heaven
      Lol yep how the fuck do you deal with them,when i done lithgow by the end of the day i told a few inmates to go and get fucked, they are like manchilds
      Feb 17, 2019