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  1. JTSports

    JTSports Participant

    Jul 31, 2018
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    I'm going to try not to ramble, but here it goes.

    About a week ago from today, the story about the Sharks' potential salary cap breach was published by Buzz Rothfield on the DT and quickly spread to social media. On the eve of Finals footy, the integrity of the NRL was questioned ONCE AGAIN as another potential CHEATING SCANDAL made national headlines. That rang the alarm bells to a lot of spectators, and I saw a lot of people ranting on social media about how corrupt the NRL is, and how they aren't going to watch the Finals series with a top 4 team potentially cheating again. A legitimate issue for the NRL. Keep in mind, these 'league-specialist' journos like Kent and Rothfield need the NRL to be popular in order for them to generate clicks and make money for their employer. If people think a top 4 team is cheating, they aren't likely to watch the games. Look at the NBA for instance, the viewing numbers are significantly lower because of the way that Golden State has paid overs in the luxury tax. People think it's rigged, so they stop watching. The same thing can easily happen in the NRL.

    With that in mind, if everybody was focused on the Sharks' scandal leading into the Finals, the NRL and the RL media would be in a bad spot. They needed a team that was completely unrelated to the Finals to come out and do something so that they could blow it out of proportion and divert everybody's attention away from another potential cheating scandal, and onto something less related to the actual footy. I believe that the media sent people out to various Mad Monday camps in an attempt to create a story like this, as we've seen photos of both Manly's camp and the Dogs' camp and this story is the outcome.

    The reality of the situation is that footy players are just blokes who use their athleticism to put money on the table for their families. Their contract obligations include playing games, attending charity/fan events, turning up to training and adhering to the law (not getting involved in abuse charges, drug charges etc.). If a player adheres to all of that, they're holding up their end of the contract.

    The season had finished, the boys got loose and did some stupid/funny shit. They didn't go out before a game and do this, they didn't do it mid-season, THE PLAYER DIDN'T record it and post it everywhere. The MEDIA WENT TO THEM, got to leverage points around the venue and in a very stalker-like manner, took photos of these blokes nude in a private function and posted it on social media. Now if the players bashed someone, verbally abused someone or went onto a main street in the city I could understand. But they didn't. They had fun in their own section, did some weird shit and called it a night, the media are the ones who turned it into something more.

    Watch this story about Adam Elliott:

    He's one of the Bulldogs who does A LOT for both his own community, the Sydney community, and the youth. It'd be great to see this on the front page, but we won't. Because the media aren't interested in stories that spread positivity. Only the opposite.

    We had Fifita get on a podcast over the past few weeks and have foul-mouthed rants about NRL personalities and journalists, where's the Sharks' fine? Fifita publicly supported a one-punch killer IN AN NRL GAME and threatened a junior RL referee. We've had MUCH WORSE with half as much media attention.

    If the Women's Rugby League team did the same, hired out a bar and had photos taken of them from a dodgy vantage-point across the street while they were nude, the photographer/journo wouldn't even have his job. This fake outrage in 2018 is amusing, no real man who has been apart of a bender would ever get angry because another group of mates did the same. We should have a laugh and move on, yes it got messy but it wasn't malicious. Just a couple of lads having some fun to relax after a tough season.
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  2. btrainben

    btrainben Immortal

    Mar 1, 2004
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    After a horrible start to the season and with all of the outrage of the cap situation, things are definitely looking up with the way the team has performed and who has been unearthed this season.

    The new regime has done a masterful job at so quickly getting out of previous bad deals and making some shrewd signings with what little money was left..

    Pay deserves more credit as the year goes on. The players have been playing as hard as they can every week. There's a passion and joy within the squad that had been sorely lacking for the whole Destatorship.

    Now results are coming as more players are given an opportunity. Pay and Hill and everyone else have done more with less in one year than what Hasbeen and Dud did for the last 5 years while wasting millions of dollars and letting go of our best prospects.

    Full credit to all involved and to get the club in a positive direction in such a short space of time. We should at least contend for a top 8 spot next season which is a miracle considering the state the club was left in.
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  3. Spoonman84

    Spoonman84 Immortal

    Oct 1, 2013
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    Best thing Mbye has done for the Bulldogs is soak up so much cap space at the Tigers they couldn't afford DWZ!
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  4. Tacky

    Tacky Forum Regular

    Apr 26, 2017
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    Wait this isn't real. @Mr Invisible told me this was all a media beat up and that it would all blow over by the end of the week.
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  5. Wayne Rooney

    Wayne Rooney Forum Regular

    Oct 17, 2016
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    You dont like 95% of our squad

    You dont like the Andersons

    You dont like the NRL

    You dont like the refs

    Now youre bothered by drums and supporters

    You are a negative person and you always have a problem for every solution
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    ASSASSIN The Bearded Crusader Premium Member Gilded

    Sep 2, 2012
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    Have a concrete milkshake you fucking snowflake cunt.

    If you weren't a cheat, people wouldn't tell you to ref fairly.

    Fine us, we don't give a fuck.
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  7. jof

    jof Forum Regular

    Jul 27, 2011
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    Why the fuck was this money hungry turn coat who abandoned us mid season with no warning handing out jerseys to our new players? He should have nothing to do with our club ever again.
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  8. Spoonman84

    Spoonman84 Immortal

    Oct 1, 2013
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  9. SweetFA

    SweetFA Forum Regular

    Apr 23, 2017
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    An interesting onlooker at Bulldogs training sessions over the past few weeks has been Brent Sherwin. This morning he took the halves for a kicking session. The synergy between Foran Lewis Cogger Wakeham & the now svelte Lichaa distributing from dummy half was impressive!
    Kudos Dean Pay & Brent Sherwin
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  10. Blue&whiteAxe

    Blue&whiteAxe Kennel Enthusiast

    Apr 27, 2018
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    Seeing Josh choke back tears is humbling for Bulldogs fans. A true Bulldog. Good to see a player who’s heart was in the club. No coincidence he was the one to lead the team song. Will miss this bloke.
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  11. KiwiDog7

    KiwiDog7 Immortal

    Feb 26, 2016
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    I get he inherited the roster and is dealing with the salary cap and whatever other legitimate or otherwise excuses bandied around

    But, what is our game plan? The attack is borderline worse than last season!

    He cannot seem to grasp making adjustments on the run! We leaked 26 points down the left and 22 in one half.

    Remember against Panthers when they were leaking down the edge and we scored twice .....what did their coach do? He made adjustments and plugged the problem and Panthers overcame a 12 point deficit to beat us by 8

    I ask again, what is our gameplan? The titans rookie coach had a plan to mercilessly attack our left edge and he hit the jackpot

    You look at Souths rookie coach attacking game plan, they leading the comp with the same roster as last year

    Today was as embarrassing as you can get!

    Why did he leave an attacking backrower Martin out and carried 3 props including the NSW prop on the bench?

    Why wasn’t Holland starting on the wing instead of recalling Montoya?

    Why is JJ not at 13?

    Why has our attack and defence gone backwards this year

    He may have inherited the roster but he decided to re sign Lichaa (worst than last season) and move Brenko Lee on ( he destroyed us today)

    I honestly don’t think he knows how to make basic coaching decisions proactively during a game

    If Des over coached the team then Pay doesn’t coach enough

    We need a Director of Coaching to mentor him more than we need a 6,7 and 9

    I’m not proud to be a Bulldogs supporter today

    This is a fkn shambles
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  12. Mr 95%

    Mr 95% Immortal Gilded

    Apr 13, 2013
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    I can't believe it's over, the Board voted for it to last,
    But now it's the end of September and the time for Des is past.
    Most of the Doggies fans are rejoicing..it's the end of the evil dictator they cry,
    The coach who changed it all..and saw the Dogs attack shrivel up and die.

    So how did all this happen..cause it wasn't always so,
    There was a time at Belmore when he was greeted, with a warm and fuzzy glow.
    Heck he took the Blue and Whites to a Grand Final, in the first year he was there,
    He revolutionised their forward play, he was a breath of fresh air.

    But the seeds to his demise were probably sewn in that first Grand Final,
    That coaching master from down south completely out coached his rival.
    He set up a game plan that stopped the Dally M winner in his tracks,
    All Dessie did was look on, and did nothing to alter his team's attacks.

    This would be a recurring dream, a nightmare is probably more like it,
    No matter what was happening out on the field, Hasler had a game plan and he stuck by it.
    To the press he'd talk about all the completion rates and present all the stats,
    But in the end it only made sense, to the people in tinfoil hats.

    And then he got rid of him, Ennis, the heart and soul of the team,
    A guy who had led the boys and who wanted to stay it seems.
    He went on to take a premiership, with the boys from the Shire,
    His skill in attack was reignited, the man was literally on fire.

    To replace him Des recruited a young Sharkies Hooker with a reputation so high,
    But in the three years he was in the Kennel he delivered nothing but a sigh.
    A funny thing happened though, right at the end,
    The boy turned it around and started to run again.

    And this is why the fans were rejoicing at the news they'd seen Hasler's back,
    They wanted a coach who changed his plans and not just work the stat.
    The players he had were good enough to earn a premiership ring,
    He just didn't wanna to change his plans, not one single thing.

    So who will be the new coach..is a question all the fans will ask,
    Who will take up the challenge, who's willing to take on the task.
    Whoever it is must surely know when they listen to the fans roar,
    It's time to start again and bring back the 'Dogs of War'!
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  13. Kenya

    Kenya Kennel Enthusiast

    Apr 2, 2015
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    A Chairman has every right to make a call and Mr Dib did that.
    Dib is living in the past quoting results 3 years plus out of date, now is now.

    Against the rumblings of many people. Ex player icons wanting a coach change, eruptions on the kennel.
    Dib has cornered himself by backing Hasler and by doing it prematurely he has poured petrol on an already un-supportable fire.

    We are boring, predictable and blunt in attack. We cannot hide that the players are not enthusiastic or passionate. We've been slipping since 2014.

    IF we were winning - boring is forgiven. Warren Ryan's Bulldogs could be boring. We bashed and ground teams into the dirt. We bombed in goal until it was stupefying. But we won - and won - and won.

    We are not winning and the last time we made the top 4 was 2012.
    It is said Des likes stats. When was the last time a non-top 4 side won the comp?
    There's a stat.

    Mr Dib is rattling on about 'we make the top 8 under Des'. Wrong stat Mr Dib.
    Wrong stats, wrong goal and wrong coach.

    There is now a culture of non-accountability at the Bulldogs. That makes it worse to tolerate as a supporter.

    No-one ever gets dropped. No matter how many games we lose, the same players play the same structures.
    And the coach gets a two year extension.

    Mr Dib - You made your call. The results are yours and yours alone.
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  14. TalDog

    TalDog Kennel Enthusiast

    Jul 20, 2011
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    "I was disappointed that they thought I couldn't have success there," Ennis says. "That lit the fire … I could've stayed there and been that worker making 50 tackles a week but that was never the player I was. I was always an attacker from dummy half. I'd lost that enjoyment out of my game where I could exploit defences out of dummy half. I didn't realise I had lost it.

    "Here, I go into games now excited, not just thinking about where I have to get the ball to. I look to attack. It wasn't about proving Canterbury wrong – it was about proving myself right."

    Enough Said!!
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  15. Mbappé2020

    Mbappé2020 Immortal Gilded

    Nov 15, 2013
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    Took until round 17 to get back to back wins and you blokes are yapping off, fucking lol. Pay isn't NRL level, simple as that. If you want to fall into the exact same trap as last season then go ahead and keep praising him. You blokes have fucking small club mentality.
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  16. The_Chimpster

    The_Chimpster Kennel Enthusiast

    Mar 12, 2015
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    No, not until we sign a capable replacement.

    He cops it one here regularly, with such smart nicknames like "floppa" but the fact remains he's one of our better backs, and consistently one of our best every week
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  17. Mitch Connor

    Mitch Connor Super Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 26, 2005
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    Seek help, please.
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  18. Spoonman84

    Spoonman84 Immortal

    Oct 1, 2013
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    What a brilliant photo that sums up the boys playing for each other. 6 blokes getting in there looking after the captain!
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  19. bradtalo

    bradtalo Forum Regular

    Sep 8, 2014
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    'Shifty' Sherwin returns to Bulldogs to mentor halves
    Adrian Proszenko
    July 17, 2019 — 5.27pm
    Fifteen years after steering Canterbury to grand final glory, Brent Sherwin has returned to the "family club" to help mentor its playmakers.

    Sherwin, the club’s last premiership-winning halfback, has been overseeing sessions with the current halves whenever the team trains on Mondays. The man dubbed "Shifty" is keen to advance in the coaching caper and has begun the journey by sharing his experiences with the likes of Kieran Foran, Lachlan Lewis, Brandon Wakeham and Jack Cogger.

    The relationship has been beneficial for both parties. Sherwin gets a look at how coach Dean Pay and his assistants run their sessions, while the young playmakers get to learn from the man at the helm of the Bulldogs’ 2004 triumph.

    Brent Sherwin is back at the Bulldogs.CREDIT:SMH

    “I’m really enjoying it,” Sherwin said. “I love footy, I did it for a long time and if I can pass anything on to the kids, hopefully they can run with it.

    “I spoke to Dean last year and said ‘if you want me to do some kicking or whatever you want me to do, give me a ring’. And he did.

    “Whenever they train on Mondays I get down there and do some kicking. I look and watch, I like listening to the coaches because I want to one day coach.

    “I watch the halves run around and it’s mainly just doing some kicking at the end, doing some different kicks so when they are in different situations they can pull it out of the bag because they have had some practice with it.

    “They’re going good and are keen to learn. They’re training well, it’s only enjoyable going down each Monday.”

    Injuries to Foran and Lewis have provided opportunities for youngsters Cogger and Wakeham to impress. Cogger is now getting some serious game time after shifting from Newcastle, while the Bulldogs have enjoyed two wins in a row since Wakeham made his debut.

    “They are younger and they are easy (to teach), they are keen to rip in and learn,” Sherwin said.

    “They are good footy players and they’ll get better the more games they play. That’s how everyone gets their shot, when someone is injured. When Ricky Stuart got suspended, that’s when I got my start.

    “It’s exciting at the moment, it’s a very young side and hopefully they will get better each week.”

    Wakeham has shown some early promising signs. The 20-year-old was a standout for Fiji in the recent Test win over Lebanon and was rewarded with his NRL debut against Cronulla. The local junior backed up that victory with another last week against Newcastle and will be aiming to begin his career with three straight when Canterbury face Brisbane at Suncorp Stadium on Thursday.

    “He’s pretty relaxed and that’s what you need in tough situations,” Sherwin said.

    “He’s pretty level headed, he held the ball up perfectly for Corey (Harawira-Naera) on the weekend. He’s got a nice pass and a nice kick. He’s not a bad little footy player and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of him.”

    Another Bulldogs legend, Darryl Halligan, has also returned to the fold to work with the club’s goalkickers.

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  20. Spoonman84

    Spoonman84 Immortal

    Oct 1, 2013
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    UNABLE to sign a marquee player for the next two to three seasons due to their salary cap debacle, Canterbury will embark on a worldwide hunt for the most promising juniors playing rugby league and rugby union.

    The Daily Telegraph can reveal the Bulldogs will pursue youngsters across Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, France, Samoa, England and Fiji.

    Bulldogs director and football club committee member Chris Anderson said of the club’s salary cap horrors: “We have inherited a mess.”

    Kids will be told there is an opportunity at one of the world’s most famous rugby league clubs. Anderson even joked he was searching in Russia.

    “We are looking everywhere mate, anywhere where kids play rugby or rugby league. We want to say to these kids that there is opportunity at Canterbury,” Anderson said.

    “We need to cast our net as wide as we can and try and come up with the best kids in the positions we need. There is opportunity for kids, who in two to three years want to be first graders.

    “It is opportunity in a family and once we get you here, we will invite you into what the family is all about; try and get you to have that feel about the club and really love what the club is about.

    “Really, we don’t want to be a club that is buying marquee players, maybe one a year when you get your cap where you want it, to keep it rolling over, and then you fill in the rest with development kids.

    “We’d like to produce our own marquee players.

    “I did this with ‘Bullfrog’ (legendary Bulldogs secretary Peter Moore) in the ‘70s and I am annoying the shit out of people now, chasing blokes and asking a thousand questions.

    “We can build our culture around these kids. If you get established stars, it’s hard to build a culture but with kids, you can build them into your culture. By the time they are in first grade, they love the club.

    “We have gone and got the best kids before – we got Dean Pay as a kid, Jason Smith as a kid. Craig Polla-Mounter, Jason Hetherington, they were kids we got from school and we developed them. That’s the type of club that we are.

    “The great thing is this is a club that can give kids opportunities. Other clubs like the Broncos, it’s hard for kids to get a shot because they have so many established stars.”

    Canterbury this week let Aaron Woods join Cronulla, a week after Moses Mbye left for Wests Tigers.

    Their departures mean Canterbury will now target kids and possibly middle-tier players.

    “We can’t go chasing established stars at the moment. When I took over (as coach in 1990), we only had six or seven players left so we decided to go and chase kids,” Anderson said.

    “We are getting back to the roots of what Canterbury is about and has been. We are a development club that for the last six or seven years has forgotten about development. There is a bit of a void there.

    “We need to get back to being a development club; kids on the edge of first grade who are coming through.

    “The club is out there busily chasing kids and building up our stock of good kids – there are plenty of good kids out there. We just need to make sure we get out there and get our share. It will be a couple of years before we are looking at marquee players.”

    Canterbury has well-documented salary cap issues with Anderson saying they are simply top-heavy in certain positions. He also claimed his club was realistically hoping to finish in the top eight next season.

    “Obviously we have salary cap problems – we have inherited a mess,” Anderson said. “We have eased some it by getting rid of Moses Mbye and Aaron Woods – as much as you don’t want to let good players go.

    “The fact we had nowhere to move on the salary cap made it necessary for us to move blokes who can be moved on, unfortunately.

    “We just had too much money spent in areas positionally that weren’t being productive for us so we couldn’t spend it in the right areas. We’ve got a lot of money tied up in certain positions that are making it hard for us to build an overall team.

    “I think next year if we can get it right, we will be towards the bottom of the eight – that’s a realistic thing to aim for next year, if things fall how we want them to fall.

    “We’re back in the market now to an extent. Not big-time but back in the market to try and fix up a few areas where we need to fix up.”

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