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  1. beaudean

    beaudean Participant

    Dec 5, 2016
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    [​IMG] my daughters first jersey
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  2. TANK 2.0

    TANK 2.0 Assyrian King Gilded

    Sep 2, 2012
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    Well it took...

    * 4 years and 8 months
    * 52kgs lost
    * 90% of my stomach gone
    * Thyriod gone
    * Every worst case scenario and 1% chance of shit going wrong I experienced it and got through it

    But as of today, 8.50am 14th November 2016, I'M ON THAT FUCKING LIST!

    Fucking relieved, but now we play the waiting game...
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2016
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  3. Izzy Forreal

    Izzy Forreal Kennel Addict

    Jul 19, 2011
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    I've followed the Bulldogs since 1962; that is 55 seasons. And bloody hell, there have been plenty of lows but they were eclipsed by the highs. It was reading Papa Het's post: "A large proportion of once loyal fans have given up on the team". Having read it through I thought "Yeah. Fuck it. I'm outta here".

    There are two reasons for this.

    The first is that I'm totally fed up with the ad nauseam display of tonight's error ridden incompetence from a side coached by a one syllable moron, plus the low life refereeing. The second is that I have terminal cancer and according to the experts I'll be at the checkout around October this year.

    Its not the cancer I'm bitching about, I've copped that sweet. But Geez, I need more than the Bulldogs to bring positives into my life and I discovered that its not the Aussie cricket team either. Maybe I'll take on my wife at ping pong.

    So farewell and all the best to you Kennelers who are left. We may yet see a modern miracle with the Bulldogs raising the Provan-Summons Trophy on Grand Final day.:)
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  4. Freakzilla

    Freakzilla Immortal

    Jun 18, 2010
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    We bag the player when they do bad so they deserve credit when they do good.

    My cousin has a brain tumor and Reynolds and Morris went to his house and spent time with him. Great touch by the players.
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  5. Juicydog

    Juicydog Participant

    Oct 8, 2016
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    Hasler is one slimy arrogant muthafucker.

    The wanker has no respect for fans whatsoever.

    He was asked why he persisted with Tony Williams and the arrogant prick just smirked and offered no explanation.

    No issues with Mbye & Lichaa - they are improving and there is nothing wrong with our style of play. Too much drop ball and uncompleted sets dont allow us to execute our attacking style.

    Lichaa is here to stay along with our style of play

    Blah blah blah blah blah.....Bullshit

    This was a PR stunt handpicking a large amount of Dib puppets and questions.

    I was against the boycott, but after witnessing that cunt Hasler tonight smirking and smoke coming out of his ears when asked about his love child Lichaa & Williams, he along with Dib deserve every single backlash from all circles of media and fans.

    The cunt doesnt give two shits about the club and i will persist on him leaving, on a daily basis until the cunt is gone along with Dibshit.

    Dibshit and Hasbeen Out
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  6. Bakes

    Bakes The REAL Bakes

    Apr 5, 2004
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    2004 El Masri 342 points.

    2017 Bulldogs 208 points so far, 9 games to go. It's gonna be close!

    Yes, this is how bad we have become!!!!!
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2017 at 10:25 AM
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  7. Nexus

    Nexus Super Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 18, 2006
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    Good dude, no bitching, no moaning, understandably upset however knows it's the nature of the beast.

    Some supporters on here can learn a thing or 2 from him
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  8. Bad Billy

    Bad Billy Immortal

    Jan 25, 2010
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  9. mike_Nolan17

    mike_Nolan17 Participant

    Mar 13, 2017
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    Bulldogs hooker Michael Lichaa says playing State of Origin for NSW would be just the tonic he needs to find form again.

    The rarely visible number 9 made the comments whilst watching a NSW Cup game from the bench and wearing his coveted number 33 jersey.

    “Clearly regular footy is not the sport for me so maybe rep footy is where I need to be,” Lichaa said.

    “I’m sure just hanging around quality players would rub off on me and it would also allow me to learn the finer points of the game like running and passing.”

    NSW Coach Laurie Daley was contacted for comment a short time ago regarding Lichaa’s chances.

    “What’s a Lichaa?” Daley asked.

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  10. Kenya

    Kenya Kennel Enthusiast

    Apr 2, 2015
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    A Chairman has every right to make a call and Mr Dib did that.
    Dib is living in the past quoting results 3 years plus out of date, now is now.

    Against the rumblings of many people. Ex player icons wanting a coach change, eruptions on the kennel.
    Dib has cornered himself by backing Hasler and by doing it prematurely he has poured petrol on an already un-supportable fire.

    We are boring, predictable and blunt in attack. We cannot hide that the players are not enthusiastic or passionate. We've been slipping since 2014.

    IF we were winning - boring is forgiven. Warren Ryan's Bulldogs could be boring. We bashed and ground teams into the dirt. We bombed in goal until it was stupefying. But we won - and won - and won.

    We are not winning and the last time we made the top 4 was 2012.
    It is said Des likes stats. When was the last time a non-top 4 side won the comp?
    There's a stat.

    Mr Dib is rattling on about 'we make the top 8 under Des'. Wrong stat Mr Dib.
    Wrong stats, wrong goal and wrong coach.

    There is now a culture of non-accountability at the Bulldogs. That makes it worse to tolerate as a supporter.

    No-one ever gets dropped. No matter how many games we lose, the same players play the same structures.
    And the coach gets a two year extension.

    Mr Dib - You made your call. The results are yours and yours alone.
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  11. TalDog

    TalDog Kennel Enthusiast

    Jul 20, 2011
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    "I was disappointed that they thought I couldn't have success there," Ennis says. "That lit the fire … I could've stayed there and been that worker making 50 tackles a week but that was never the player I was. I was always an attacker from dummy half. I'd lost that enjoyment out of my game where I could exploit defences out of dummy half. I didn't realise I had lost it.

    "Here, I go into games now excited, not just thinking about where I have to get the ball to. I look to attack. It wasn't about proving Canterbury wrong – it was about proving myself right."

    Enough Said!!
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  12. Novdoggie

    Novdoggie Forum Regular

    Aug 19, 2016
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    Hi All,

    The following thread is purely my reasons and mine only to cancel my membership effective immediately. I speak for myself and not to influence anyone who chooses any differently. I respect every ones decision on how they will go about their choices in the future regarding their Bulldogs club membership. We are all entitled to express our opinions.

    The following was sent to the Bulldogs Membership department......


    Could you please advise if my membership is on auto renew for the above membership #'s? (removed from thread)

    If so, please remove this as I would like to confirm that I will not be renewing both
    of these memberships.

    Please confirm by reply your acceptance. Thank you.


    Hi (name removed from thread),

    Thanks for your email.

    That is very unfortunate. Is there any particular reason for this?

    You are on the automatic rollover but we will take you off.

    Please note that if you do not renew by the deadline, your seats will be allocated to
    someone else.

    Please let us know if you do change your mind and we will be happy to help you.

    Kind Regards,
    Bulldogs Membership

    My response......


    Thanks for your confirmation in cancelling our memberships.

    Sure i am happy to explain my reasons for cancelling them.

    As far as entertainment on the playing field goes we never got our value for money. For
    what the season tickets cost us, the quality, the style and the lack of understanding
    for change when required during the season provided a very, very boring product. It
    felt like we were watching the same thing week in week out.

    I will also share my frustrations when deals are done with a player saying when they
    will and when they won't play, so how do you expect members to support the club and
    team throughout the year when a player is not prepared to do so? This club use to stand
    for Club first, team second and player third. Us members have been taken for a ride
    where you took our money but did not provide the full product when injuries took no
    part. Simply a player did not want to play for personal reasons and good luck to him.
    That's not what i paid for as i thought prior to renewing our memberships in late 2015
    that all contracted players will play if 100% fit (excluding suspensions) in 2016.
    That's a slap in the face to us as a consumer.

    In future, your CEO, Board Members and Coach should not disrespect their members and
    fans by expecting us to turn up in the cold, the rain and at times very tight schedules
    and in particular when most people are struggling to save a dollar but put it towards
    supporting the club and team when a contracted player is not prepared to do so and when
    a coach was not prepared to change the product he was providing when it clearly was not
    working. We'd had enough!

    Also, there were 22,000 people at last weekends finals game against Penrith. That's
    less than 10,000 Bulldogs members (as not all would have been members). Where were your
    other 10,000+ members? Now lets not use the venue Allianz Stadium as an excuse. The
    sooner your CEO, Directors and Coach realise that members and fans are turning away due
    to the above reasons the quicker we will start seeing the entertainment we pay for on
    the field that we have been known for and want to watch win, lose or draw. Then and
    only then you may see members and fans returning. But unfortunately we will not be in

    I appreciate for your time in hearing my reasons.
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  13. Freakzilla

    Freakzilla Immortal

    Jun 18, 2010
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    His kicking game is so much better than Mbye's.
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  14. Mr Invisible

    Mr Invisible Remembering Drop Bear Staff Member Premium Member Gilded

    Apr 26, 2008
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    I've been a member here since 2008. In that time I know we've had members come and go for various reasons, and others sadly pass away.

    But we have also increasingly lost members due to the extreme negativity of posters around here (some worse than others).

    It's getting to the point it's almost unbearable, and I've had people PM me even as recently as this weekend to state they are considering walking away from the site because they cannot stand the negativity ("It's not longer and enjoyable place to visit with the negativity").

    More to the point, the negativity has also cost the site some bloody good moderators, and some bloody good posters, and that downright pisses me off.

    Whilst I'm not the site owner (or an admin), I want to be incredibly blunt here.


    Win or lose, a supporter backs and believes in a team (that includes the coach and players).

    So you don't believe the coach is going well? That's fine, have an opinion on it, but understand you can do NOTHING to change that, so either you support the club how it is, or you log off, look at the ladder, and go support a side up the top of it (I'm sure that will make you much happier).

    Repeating the same shit over, and over, and over, and over, and over again badmouthing and bagging our coach is a joke. WE GET IT. Say it once, and leave it at that. Simple!

    The same people drowning this place in negativity are those that will never be happy.
    Sack Des - HOORAY DES IS GONE!
    Get a new coach in - HOORAY New Coach
    Miss the finals for the next 5 years and get a spoon along the way - "FUCK THIS NEW COACH.. WHY DID WE GET RID OF DES FFS!!!"

    Not to mention if we start going well this year, you almost have no right to enjoy the wins, given you have written the side off already.

    I'm not saying "don't have an opinion" as that's what this place is all about. But posting shit in every single thread (the same negative rubbish) is getting beyond a joke.

    If you aren't happy with the club, yet the club signs the coach for another 2 years (likely), then you have two options:
    1. Put up and shut up.
    2. Piss off and bandwagon support some other club.

    I presume we are all adults (not kids here), and some posters need to start acting like it.

    I'm really not sure what the next step is moving forwards: Reward posters for positive comments, or restrict those that bask in negativity.

    But it's clear... some users need to pull their heads in, because if it continues along for much longer, something WILL change, and I dare say it won't be coming from myself or other moderators, but we will be asked to enforce it.

    There have already been several conversations regarding this behind closed doors.
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  15. immortalbulldog

    immortalbulldog Eternal Doggy

    May 20, 2008
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    Following Friday nights board meeting I felt the need to email Raelene Castle and the Bulldogs to voice my concerns over the direction the club was headed.
    The main points of my email were:
    *My disappointment at the resignation of Steve Mortimer and the fact that he was so worried about the state of affairs he felt the need to speak out in the first place.
    * My concern over the apparent neglect of our juniors and lower grades.
    * Concerns over Haslers inability to adapt to the modern game.
    * Concern over our recruitment and retention
    To be totally honest I expected a stock standard email or no reply at all

    Today I received a phone call from an unfamiliar mobile phone and was surprised to hear Raelene Castle to the end of the line. She said she wanted to discuss the email I sent and anted to explain the clubs position on a few issues and where we are headed.

    Firstly she wanted to emphasise that Steve Mortimer broke protocol and resigned because he realised and acknowledged he had done the wrong thing. I said it sounded like he had no other option and he was forced out. Her reply was that Steve is a man of integrity who speaks from the heart and he willingly resigned so the club could move forward.
    She stressed that his association with the club has not ended and he will be part of a mentor program who will work with the players and juniors to preserve the 'Bulldogs DNA or culture' that has been spoken about lately. Other players she mention were Terry Lamb, Brent Sherwin, and a few others who will probably come to me later.

    In addressing the juniors she said the club will be creating a full time position to develop local talent and to guide them in the transition to u20's and so on. They will be working with Des and the new recruitment officer to also bring talent into the system from around Australia and NZ. When I questioned whether the club was happy with the decline of the U20's since Des arrived she said they definitely were not but they had made the decision to treat u20's as a stepping stone to nsw cup and 1st grade and to ensure each year they have 4 or 5 players who will be ready to do that. She said the divide between u20s and NRL is too great to expect players to step straight into NRL so they don't want to leave the best players there too long.

    As far as recruitment goes. Don't expect to see Lolohea at the club next year. Reading in between the lines I would expect a backline similar to this:
    1) Abbey
    2) Bmoz
    3) JMoz
    4) Hoppa
    5) Lee
    6) Reynolds
    7) Mbye

    She said losing Brett Morris for the start of the year meant Hoppa went to fullback instead of being outside Moses. She hinted that this changed their playing style because Holland and Mbye are both inexperienced and Des wanted to take pressure off them.

    She also said they had an aging roster at the time they let Ennis go and he was offered hundreds of thousands more than we could offer.
    She said hooker is a vital position and they have Woolford coming next year which they are excited about. Wink wink.

    All up we chatted for about 20 minutes. I was really impressed that she took the time to call. The pessimists here might say she's simply in damage control but it was the exact opposite of what you hear from her in the media. No bullshit, no dancing around issues she was real and she was forthright, she was honest and she was passionate about her job and her vision for the club. She was not trying to convince me to renew my membership because I'd told her I was going to regardless. All in all I was impressed with what she had to say.

    I'm not saying I've totally changed my mind on the whole situation but I definitely feel better about 2017 now than I did yesterday.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2016
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  16. K E

    K E The Bart, The

    Mar 5, 2005
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    I'm glad we won tonight so I can make this thread and not be accused of sour grapes.

    How many times did every single Canterbury player fuck every channel 9 employee?

    The coke head, fat slug and lol finch could not stop riding Caesar Milan's dick. Man of the match in a losing side? Fuck off. Talk about saving face. Can't give MOTM to anyone else except the guy whos dick they were riding like it was a ride at Disneyland since before kick off...

    No mention of the 4 day turn around once. It's a valid excuse for every other team that have it but no not Canterbury.

    Reynolds kicks the ball dead with about a minute to go and that fat cunt puts shit on him. "wrong option". If that hairy cunt Cameron Smith did the exact same thing, that fat fuck who clearly needs to wipe the dandruff from his suit would be lubed up and on all fours. "OH MY GOD! ABSOLUTE GENIUS! CONTROLLING THE GAME! HARDER, DADDY! DEEPER!"

    And could all of them been more depressed after the game? Roosters bombed this, Mitchell Pearce that...

    Roosters were in seventh gear, Canterbury were in second gear and the Roosters still lost. The fuck does that tell you?

    Is there anything lower than mute?
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
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  17. no1bulldog

    no1bulldog Kennel Addict Gilded

    Jan 7, 2006
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    bloody hell..... so you don't agree with some on here so now you want to restrict those who see something wrong and reward the retarded who clap and dribble come on....who are you kim jong un??

    there is so much negativity for a reason and its been getting worse for a reason......just because you don't agree doesn't mean you should censor it, fuck me next you'll be wanting the internet filter from china....get real

    going by your post Mr Invis I think you need to step away for a bit and have a break or maybe step back from being a mod and relax.......because at the moment your coming off like one of those sulking lefties still not able to except that Trump won

    the forum is a place for fans to vent and to celebrate, unfortunately we can't just celebrate endlessly like retards just for the sake of being the bestest super dooperest, cheeriest little supporter we can be.... I actually think that many who aren't happy with the team are some of our most passionate and loyal supporters & for you to start saying your going to do a Ray Dib and give us the Turvey treatment is a bit over the top

    if you want to be a cheerleader go grab some lycra and some pom poms and get out there and bust some moves and get some chants going......but leave the others alone as they are being forced to sit here and watch their team be destroyed..... if you had a daughter who was in an abusive relationship would you just sit back and cheer the boyfriend on, shake his hand and take down to the pub and shout him beers all night......or would you take stand and knock the cunt out?

    bloody hell its only round one ....I think some need to toughen, I mean fair crack already saying you want to restrict anyone who you believe has posted negatively then rewarding the ones who post nothing but rainbows.......there goes free speech!! and that will fuck the forum quicker than a few so called negative posts

    Last edited: Mar 5, 2017
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  18. Kennelnator

    Kennelnator Forum Regular

    Oct 20, 2016
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    That was QLD Dog. Im 114% sure about it
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  19. south of heaven

    south of heaven Immortal

    Mar 6, 2014
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    Id rather stick a cactus rubbed in dencorub and crushed chillis up my arse.
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  20. Captain Kickass

    Captain Kickass Modaraytahhhh ! Staff Member

    Feb 16, 2008
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    Howdy Kennel-Sirs and Kennel-ettes,

    Long time no rant eh?

    The TL;DR version of me is, I'm much busier with life these days but I do lurk a lot without posting (I like to 'soak in' threads, but I find that harder these days so I just observe). Anyhoo, that's not why I'm here. We can catch up later and there's more pressing matters at hand.

    So without further ado .... Gather round the campfire. Uncle CK has a story :)

    You see ... this year in particular, I've noticed an increasing rise in frustrations from some fans, varying from constructive criticism to spectacular emotional meltdown. For some, patience is wearing thin and for others it may have eroded completely under the urge of 'waiting for a Bulldogs premiership'.

    Personally, 'that noise' annoys me and I avoid it. Whether we're winning 12 games straight (2012) or in race for the spoon (2008), in the bottom of my heart I know I will always love this club. Sure, I might hate what's going on right now, but who am I kidding ? I'll be back next week, next year, just like everyone else. With that in mind, the idea of week-to-week frustration doesn't marry up with the 'loyal, 30+ year supporter' in me. I wont lie though ... there certainly was a time when that used to be me (2005-2007), so I understand how one gets here. Simply put - Expectations are not being met and frustration emerges. That happened to me during that era.

    What I learned during our darkest days, is that players come and players go, but it's the fans and the history that endures. Time has taught me that some of the greatest moments as a fan have occurred during times of great uncertainty and frustration.

    - The frustations of our season in 95 (finished 6th) are forgotten because we triumphed against adveristy.
    - The loss of the GF in 98 is tempered by our historic "charge from 9th" and consectitve extra time heroics.
    - The heartache of losing our 2002 points is forgotten by those who galvanised and supported the club regardless. Anyone who went to out last round win that year will tell you "yeah those days sucked but man that day was the best !"
    - The satisfaction that came with 2004, after 2002 & 2003 !!!
    - Our collective let down after 2008's spoon, SBW's defection and general state of affairs .... was met with a rebirth in 2009. Led by a new batch of recruits and a CEO who'd pull our tarnished names from the mud and prove you could in-fact polish a turd, we bulldozed our way back into contention as a powerhouse of rugby league. I went to 12 games that year, culminating in being part of 35,000 strong Bulldogs Army and about 100 Kennelers at our downfall against Parramatta. F*cking awesome times !!!

    That day changed me forever ... In my eyes, we were united. All 35,000 of us, marched into the battle draped in blue and white, and with the full furry of voice and hope, we stood tall, stuck out of our chests and said "Here we are. We're right behind you !"

    I remember the faces. SO many faces.

    Some faces I'd seen all year long and, on the big day, there they were again packed with extra hope -It helped me feel at home.
    Some faces we're new and I could tell they were drawn by the irresistible pull of "Bulldogs Army on Tour" - It helped warm my heart the future was in good hands.
    Some faces I'd seen once or twice - It filled me with happiness thinking "good, I'm glad they made it too".

    So if you've come this far you're wondering :Yeah CK but how does that apply to me ?

    Well I'll tell ya ....

    Right now, in Rd 24 2016, our little Bulldogs boat is in a race to the line with other boats. If we're honest about our boat, it aint the fastest, it aint the sturdiest, and even though it's pretty sturdy to get the job done, it appears to be leaking. And now's not really the right time for leaking I know, but we got not other choice than (a) work with it, or (b) sink. If we take on anymore water, we may not beat the other boats.

    We can't buy another boat now. We have to work with this boat. The last thing this boat needs right now, is thousands of people complaining about how much the boat sucks. If you hate the boat so much you wanna get off and swim to shore, that's fine. I'll see you next year with a new boat and we can try again then.

    But right now, tonight ... with last years premiers led by the "great-one-we-let-get-away" JT, ask yourself ... Am I gonna help get this boat to the island in September or not ?


    Defy the odds.
    Defy the chorus of naysayers.
    Defy the taunts of opposition.
    Defy them all with a big f*cking middle finger and shit-tonne of blind faith !!!

    If shit hits fan, and we eventuallly bomb out in September ... you can take away pride, loyalty, fearlessness and honour, as your legitimate fan badges. Nobody can ever tell you that you havent done the hard yards !

    Win or lose tonight, we ARE playing finals footy - That's a fact.
    What are you gonna do fellow -Kenneler ?

    Who's standing at the front of this boat ?
    Who's turn is it to hurry up and bail water from the drowning naysayers, so we can cheer solid for 90mins ???

    If that's you, and you're taking it upon yourself to be that fan in the boat, I'm with you.

    Screw the life-vests, we stay here until it either makes it the whole way or goes down, and we'll do it together.

    Dogs by 8points tonight !!!
    (*pelvic thrusts and leaves forum*)
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